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Since it was said, 1 bit is flipped, just tried brute forcing bit flip and dumped all the images, then ran tesseract to extract the text, then grep'd for SECCON and got the flag.
with open("broken.jpg") as f:
a = f.read()

def flip(er, n):
return chr(ord(er) ^ (1<<n)) for="" i="" in="" xrange(1000):="" for="" j="" in="" xrange(8):="" b="a[:i]" +="" flip(a[i],="" j)="" +="" a[i+1:]="" with="" open("temp="" "="" +="" str(i*10+j)+'.jpg',="" 'wb')="" as="" f:="" f.write(b)="" ```="" `for="" i="" in="" *;="" do="" tesseract="" $i="" stdout="" 2="">/dev/null; done | grep SECCON`