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<span>Flag is out there: http://[2a02:6b8:0:141f:fea9:d5ff:fed5:XX01]/
</span>Flag format: CTF{..32 hexes..} <span>

So we know we are given an IPv6 address missing two characters, hence XX. Thankfully
we can search for the address in an ipv6 database which tells us that there is
a website with an ipv6 address of http://[2a02:6b8:0:141f:fea9:d5ff:fed5:6901]/

<span>Now I don’t have an ipv6 ISP, but there are websites out there (hahaha) that will act
as a proxy / ipv6 gateway for ipv4 users such as myself. Entering in this
address to the gateway at www.ipv6proxy.net
brings us to a webpage with the following information:</span>

<span>“Vladimir Mikhaylovich Smirnov (born 7 March 1964) is an Kazakhstani former
cross-country skier who raced from the 1982 until 1991 for the USSR and, later,
for Kazakhstan. First Olympic champion from independent Kazakhstan. He is also
a vice president of the International Biathlon Union. Smirnov is a former
member of International Olympic Committee.”</span>

Viewing the source we see our flag in the comments:


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