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peaCTF event.

Format: Jeopardy Jeopardy

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This event participation is restricted to high-school teams only! No global rating points.

This event lasts more than 5 days! No global rating points.

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PLEASE NOTE that you do not have to be a high school team to be eligible for participation and the majority of our prizes.

Welcome to the 2020 peaCTF's annual two-round event! peaCTF is a CTF organized by Phillips Exeter Academy’s Cybersecurity Club. Brought to you by our sponsors (, peaCTF enters its second year with the first (August 2019) consisting of two rounds and participants from 104 countries.

Make teams of 1-5 friends, score points by solving problems in this jeopardy-style CTF, and climb the leaderboard! We are offering $1000 in cash for eligible teams along with other prizes for all winning teams this year!

With the opening of registration, we are happy to finally announce the date of the first round: We are splitting our event into two sections; one a week from today, and another on an upcoming weekend in the next couple months.

The first round of our event will include the full suite of CTF problem types, but is suited for beginners and intermediates at competitive Capture the Flags. Especially if you are new to CTFs, we encourage you to try out this round! For those more experienced, this round's harder problems will not be a cake walk!

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] with any questions, concerns, or suggestions!


Eligible high school teams:
- $1,000 in cash
- The Wolfram Award (worth of $375)
All teams:
- $2,000 Digital Ocean Credits
- Hacker Plan
- Wolfram | One Access
- $1,000 Bugsee Credits
- Website templates by Themefisher

peaCTF 2020 is sponsored by Wolfram Language,, DigitalOcean, Trail of Bits, Bugsee, and Themefisher.

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