Sat, 30 Oct. 2021, 09:00 UTC — Sat, 30 Oct. 2021, 16:00 UTC 


Hack For Troops event.

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The Hack for Troops Capture the Flag (CTF) event is a competition put on by the Virginia based non-profit Tech for Troops and Katczy/playcyber. The purpose of the event is two-fold: First, it helps raise funds for the Tech for Troops mission which is dedicated to empowering Veterans with computers, skills, and Information Technology (IT) work force training.
Second, it's a technical event that uses real-life technical configuration issues and scenarios to show computer vulnerabilities and how those vulnerabilities can be abused in Information Technology ecosystems. The challenges vary from entry level, to very difficult. The idea is that the challenges are practical and not overly gamified, and can help participants understand that risks that misconfigured or unpatched systems represents. The audience for this event is everyone from hobbyists and students, to seasoned cyber security professionals, and everyone in between. The event will be entirely remote this year, and participants will simply need an Internet connection to participate.


Prizes will be randomly drawn for active players every hour of the competition.

h4ck7u5Oct. 29, 2021, 4:55 p.m.

25 $ to play? are u 4 real?

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