Sat, 18 March 2023, 11:00 UTC — Sat, 18 March 2023, 19:00 UTC 


Sweden, Stockholm

Undutmaning event.

Format: Jeopardy Jeopardy

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A CTF created as a joint effort between Sweden's intelligence organizations:
* Swedish Military Intelligence and Security Service (MUST)
* Swedish Secrutiy Services (S√ĄPO)
* National Defence Radio Establishment (FRA)

The CTF will consist of 24 challenges and will be open for 8 hours. The CTF is not a first-blood competition but uses weight based scoring.

Categories will range from "programming" to "reversing" and "forensics".


The prize will be an invitation to a workshop/seminar,
where there will be food, beverages and demos.

The top three teams will have five randomly selected members from each time to be automatically eligible a spot at the seminar.

After that, we will randomly select invitees with a minimum of once solved challenge.

(You will need to register interest for the seminar in the CTF-platform to be eligible, even if part of the top three teams).

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