Mon, 07 Nov. 2022, 01:00 UTC — Tue, 08 Nov. 2022, 01:00 UTC 


201-203(2F North), COEX, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Codegate CTF Finals event.

Format: Jeopardy Jeopardy

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1. CODEGATE 2022 CTF has three divisions: Junior, University, and General

2. Each division has conditions of participation:
- Junior Division
Solo exhibition
Only those born on or after 2004 can participate
- University Division
Team competition
Maximum 4 members are allowed in a team
Each member in the team must be attending in the same universtiy. Which means students from different univeristies cannot belong to the same team.
Only students from universities in South Korea can participate
There is a validation process for the teams that advance to the final round
- General Divison
Team competition
Maximum 4 members are allowed in a team
Everyone else

3. These actions below are subject to disqualification after immediate notice.
- Seeking or providing hints, clues, flags or answers to participants other than your own team members. However, Hints or clues provided by organizers to all participants are accepted.
- Participating in multiple teams
- Any activities or actions that would interfere, obstruct, or disturb other teams, participants, and event organizers. Such activities or actions are not limited to DoS and DDoS.
- Attacking or spying on other teams, participants, and event organizers.
- Brute forcing flags on the * flag auth system
- Intentionally interrupting other people from submitting/getting flags
- Joining other divisions that is not allowed by the conditions of participation (e.g. Joining the junior division even if you were born in 2003)
- Attack any machine or infrastructure other than the designated challenges provided in the competition.

4. If you find any bug in system, report to [email protected]

5. After the preliminary round ends, these teams must submit write-ups to [email protected] within 24 hours:
- General Division: Top 15 teams
- University Division: Top 15 teams
- Junior Division: Top 25 participants

6. Participants who must submit are write-ups:
- General Division : top 15 teams
- University Division : top 15 teams
- Junior Division : top 25 teams

7. You do not have to set up a VPN to play CODEGATE 2022 CTF.

8. Official Channel : Discord (We will communicate any updates during the preliminary round via Discord.)

9. The organizer will officially announce the finalist teams after carefully verifying write-ups from top teams. The scoreboard cannot be used to confirm that the teams are going to the final round even after the preliminary round ends.

10. The number of finalist teams is here:
- General Division: 10 teams
Top 9 teams from the preliminary round
1 team from the winner of the general division of CODEGATE 2020 CTF Finals
- University Division: 10 teams
Top 9 teams from the preliminary round
1 team from the winner of the university division of CODEGATE 2020 CTF Finals
- Junior Division: Top 20 participants from the preliminary round


<Hacking Competition>
Prize money 30,000,000KRW
Automatically qualified for the CODEGATE 2023

Prize money 10,000,000KRW

Prize money 5,000,000KRW

<Undergraduate Hacking Competition>

Prize money 10,000,000KRW

Prize money 3,000,000KRW

Prize money 2,000,000KRW

<Junior Hacking Competition>

Prize money 3,000,000KRW

Prize money 2,000,000KRW

Prize money 1,000,000KRW


10 teams total

PlaceTeamCTF pointsRating points
1 The_Duck 4620.0000.000
2 More Smoked Leet Chicken 3700.0000.000
3 본선 온라인 기원 2980.0000.000
4 organizers 2940.0000.000
5 CodeRed 2680.0000.000
6 zer0pts 2180.0000.000
7 GYG 1940.0000.000
8 kalmarunionen 1680.0000.000
9 r3kapig 1400.0000.000
10 WreckTheLine 1360.0000.000
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