An active CTF team from Rajiv Gandhi University of Knowledge and Technologies Nuzvid, India.

Junior Team of Invaders(

Participated in CTF events

Overall rating place: 558 with 77.969 pts in 2023

Country place: 23

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
218SpookyCTF 2023529.00000.962
58TCP1P CTF 2023: First Step Beyond Nusantara1156.00002.589
388SunshineCTF 2023200.00002.096
418CSAW CTF Qualification Round 2023410.00000.915
729DownUnderCTF 2023548.00002.195
382SekaiCTF 2023178.00000.490
50HITB SECCONF CTF 20231500.00000.883
64nullcon HackIM CTF Goa 2023558.00002.365
71Hacker's Playground 2023610.00007.523
118Lexington Informatics Tournament CTF 20231464.00005.005
175 TFC CTF 2023450.00002.034
409Google Capture The Flag 202350.00000.879
324NahamCon CTF 20231530.00002.737
78DanteCTF 20231186.00004.006
94BxMCTF 2023742.00005.020
230DEF CON CTF Qualifier 202311.00000.556
53Security Fest 2023358.00001.569
92BYUCTF 20234660.00004.375
216Grey Cat The Flag 2023 Qualifiers150.00000.614
325HeroCTF v5260.00000.538
149m0leCon CTF 2023 Teaser50.00001.296
206ICSJWG Spring 2023750.00000.000
58Cryptoverse CTF 20233531.00007.415
101UMDCTF 20232942.00005.855
175Ricerca CTF 202381.00000.000
6DawgCTF 20235370.000027.827
205CyberHavoc CTF270.00002.193
125JerseyCTF III3067.00003.119
242VishwaCTF 2023962.00002.275
320LINE CTF 20231.00000.116
237WolvCTF 2023550.00000.894

Team members

Team writeups

Google Capture The Flag 2023LEAST COMMON GENOMINATOR? [50]read writeup
DanteCTF 2023Dante Barber Shop [100]read writeup
DanteCTF 2023Dumb Admin [100]read writeup
DanteCTF 2023Flag Fabber [100]read writeup
DanteCTF 2023Hanging Nose [100]read writeup
DanteCTF 2023Do You Know GIF? [100]read writeup
DanteCTF 2023Imago Qualitatis [420]read writeup
DanteCTF 2023Small Inscription [100]read writeup
BYUCTF 2023Ducky 1 [100]read writeup
BYUCTF 2023obfuscJStore [100]read writeup
BYUCTF 2023Mi6configuration 4 [436]read writeup
BYUCTF 2023Mi6configuration 3 [425]read writeup
BYUCTF 2023Mi6configuration 1 [418]read writeup
Cryptoverse CTF 2023Crypto/Warmup 2 [121]read writeup
Cryptoverse CTF 2023Misc/OJail [371]read writeup
Cryptoverse CTF 2023Reverse/Simple Checkin [260]read writeup
Cryptoverse CTF 2023Misc/Baby Calculator [355]read writeup
JerseyCTF IIIcrack-keepass [97]read writeup
JerseyCTF IIIfirefox-history [50]read writeup
JerseyCTF IIIspace-dust [50]read writeup
JerseyCTF IIIpits-of-tartarus [50]read writeup
JerseyCTF IIIjack-and-jill [50]read writeup
JerseyCTF IIIroko-cipher-in-the-console [379]read writeup
JerseyCTF IIIsupply-stash [670]read writeup
JerseyCTF IIIplay-reasonably [749]read writeup
WolvCTF 2023Dino Trading [100]read writeup
WolvCTF 2023WannaFlag I: An Introduction [188]read writeup
VishwaCTF 2023 Eeezzy read writeup
VishwaCTF 2023Guatemala read writeup
VishwaCTF 2023Can you see me read writeup
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