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# Babybash
## Challenge
The challenge was of the difficulty "medium" and the URl to the archived challenge is:
The task:
> If you're a baby and know bash, try this:
> `nc 1337`

When you connect to the target system, you find out that most commands are not accepted and that you should type `help` to find out more. If you type help, you get a message, telling you that you you are in a bash-jail and ytou need to execute
... but you are not allowd to use
* a-z
* \*
* ?
* .

So you may not use any lower case characters, but you need to execute a lower case binary.
After fiddling around with the shell, I came up with the following solution...
## ${Environment_Variables_Solution}
In newer bash versions, you can access variables and alco cut out single characters of variables, using the following syntax:

So, what I wanted to do is to cut out the correct required characters, to get the required command.

While fiddeling around with the shell, I found out that there is a timeout, that will log you out after some time. Some environment variables were only temporary, meaning that their content was depending on your current session.

To solve the challenge, I needed to find appropriate environment variables, that ideally should be stable because of the automatic timeout.
In my final solution, I used the following environment variables:

### /get_flag
The following syntax got me /get_flag:

Expecting this challenge to be done now, I was already excited - just to be greeted by the message, that the command requires and argument:

/get_flag: /get_flag gimme_FLAG_please

I was thinking "NOOO now I must find more characters in my environment ... argh".
But then I thought of a shortcut.

### /get_flag gimme_FLAG_please
So, I don't need to find anything new, I can just use the output of `/bin/get_flag`, write it to a file and then cut the required data from that file and execute it.

So what I want to execute is:
/get/flag > BAR
#writes "/get_flag: /get_flag gimme_FLAG_please" to file BAR
$(cat BAR | cut -d -f 2,3)
#which cuts the the string "/get_flag gimme_FLAG_please" and executes it

My final solution was:

/${OSTYPE:6:1}${HOSTNAME:2:1}${HOME:1:1}_${HOSTNAME:9:1}${PATH:5:1}${HOSTNAME:10:1}${OSTYPE:6:1} >BAR

$( ${HOSTNAME:5:1}${HOSTNAME:10:1}${HOME:1:1} BAR | ${HOSTNAME:5:1}${PATH:1:1}${HOME:1:1} -${HOSTNAME:7:1}" " -${HOSTNAME:9:1} 2,3)
Resulting in the message:
Good job!

Here's your flag: 34C3_LoOks_lik3_y0U_are_nO_b4by_4ft3r_4ll


## Disclaimer
This is my first writeup. I hope, you enjoy this interesting but inefficient solution.

steakkini – Jan. 13, 2018, 6:08 p.m.

wow, that's complicated. but very interesting indeed :)

daubsi – Jan. 13, 2018, 10:44 p.m.

Nice on! Well done!