Tue, 07 Dec. 2021, 12:00 UTC — Sun, 19 Dec. 2021, 12:00 UTC 


OverTheWire Advent Bonanza event.

Format: Jeopardy Jeopardy

Official URL: https://advent2021.overthewire.org/

Future weight: to be determined

Rating weight: 0 

This event lasts more than 5 days! No global rating points.

Event organizers 

Ho How Horrible! Even before we could announce Advent CTF 2020, the Grinch
had launched a pre-emptive surprise attack and wiped out all of Advent 2020
as well as several days from the Advent 2021 calendar.
This aggression will not stand! We need your help to defeat the evil Grinch
forces and help Santa save Christmas!

We are offering a new CTF challenges on each of the remaining Advent days until Christmas!

Format: remote, team-based, jeopardy.
Difficulty: intermediate (a couple hours solving time per challenge on average)
Categories: web, re, pwn, crypto, forensics, misc
Contact (Discord): Advent 2021, channel #advent on https://discord.gg/WfXn7wT9jU
Contact (IRC): #advent @ irc.overthewire.org
Contact (Twitter): @OverTheWireCTF

More information as the event comes closer at https://advent2021.overthewire.org

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Annihilators – Don't just dominate – annihilate!
Lonely Hackers Club
mv ~ /dev/null
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