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  • Social Engineering Xperts
  • socengexp
  • SEExperts
  • SE Experts
  • SEETFOrganizers
  • SEEYouLater
  • team (SG)



Discord: SEETF 2022:

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A team based in Singapore.

Achievements not listed on CTFtime:
• Securinets CTF Finals 2022 - 4th
CTF.SG CTF 2022 - 1st, 3rd, Crypto God, Web God
• DSTA BrainHack CDDC 2021 - 3rd
• DEF CON 29 Red Team Village CTF - 16th (Qualifiers), 18th (Finals)
• HTX Investigator's Challenge 2021 - Top of Scoreboard

Join us - but first, solve a challenge:

We're hosting SEETF 2022 ( this June! Registration begins in May.

• Zeyu -
• rainbowpigeon -
• Neobeo -
• coff33 -
• Angmar -

Participated in CTF events

Overall rating place: 24 with 329.929 pts in 2022

Country place: 1

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
23corCTF 20222110.00007.148
16UIUCTF 20223520.000014.652
270Lexington Informatics Tournament CTF 2022927.00002.512
233ImaginaryCTF 20221300.00002.967
15Crypto CTF 20223061.000036.692
15vsCTF 20226540.000012.146
127Google Capture The Flag 2022337.00005.120
7BSidesTLV 2022 CTF2600.000012.768
57TyphoonCon CTF 2022300.00001.647
139justCTF 2022153.00001.080
271Tenable CTF 20221040.00002.788
4Grey Cat The Flag 20229958.000028.403
64BYUCTF 20222222.00003.624
13Cyber Apocalypse CTF 2022: Intergalactic Chase 15650.000021.671
3TJCTF 20228275.000029.259
30m0leCon CTF 2022 Teaser502.00008.259
110ångstromCTF 20221750.000021.112
3b01lers CTF3171.000036.811
31TAMUctf 20222467.00007.787
4Securinets CTF Quals 2022 17598.000059.989
32PlaidCTF 2022671.000023.871
65Space Heroes CTF2388.00005.289
19LINE CTF 20221012.00006.181
17Wolverine Security Conference/CTF6891.000013.898
10TSJ CTF 20221250.000011.105
33DiceCTF 20221443.00006.369
96Real World CTF 4th99.00001.817
12KnightCTF 20224575.000016.666
7TetCTF 20225677.000022.380

Overall rating place: 117 with 191.367 pts in 2021

Country place: 2

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
48hxp CTF 2021439.00006.545
13idekCTF 20219596.000015.866
37OverTheWire Advent Bonanza 2021828.00000.000
24MetaCTF CyberGames 20219775.000016.624
72021 Metasploit community CTF1700.000026.030
16CyberSecurityRumble CTF2891.000018.424
67Square CTF 202150.00001.247
7BuckeyeCTF 20214271.000019.440
37SPbCTF's Student CTF 2021 Quals791.00004.677
32pbctf 20211016.00005.552
14DeconstruCT.F 20214755.000011.204
23CSAW CTF Qualification Round 20216450.000015.387
100ALLES! CTF 2021395.00003.724
9YauzaCTF 2021133871.000014.380
22InCTF 20215296.000019.143
18UIUCTF 20213194.00008.222 CTF Loki 20218486.000023.552
180Google Capture The Flag 2021125.00002.457
10TyphoonCon CTF 20211100.00009.627
359redpwnCTF 20211048.00003.743
141HSCTF 86407.00008.903
43BCACTF 2.04775.00009.732
70S.H.E.L.L. CTF2157.000010.569
37Zh3r0 CTF V22407.00003.623
62Pwn2Win CTF 2021395.00006.177
29NorzhCTF 2021117.00006.053
13DawgCTF 20214855.000017.706
8UMDCTF 202120314.000019.195
92Midnight Sun CTF 2021 Quals404.00004.475

Organized CTF events

SEETF 202224.87

Team members

Team writeups

SEETF 2022susware [1000]read writeup
Grey Cat The Flag 2022Too Fast read writeup
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Grey Cat The Flag 2022Memory Game (Part 2) read writeup
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Grey Cat The Flag 2022flappy-o2 read writeup
Grey Cat The Flag 2022flappy-o read writeup
Grey Cat The Flag 2022flappy-js read writeup
Grey Cat The Flag 2022Runtime Environment 2 read writeup
Grey Cat The Flag 2022Runtime Environment 1 read writeup
Grey Cat The Flag 2022Angry Robot read writeup
DiceCTF 2022blazingfast [140]read writeup
DiceCTF 2022knock-knock [107]read writeup
TetCTF 2022Ezflag level 1 [100]read writeup
TetCTF 2022animals [900]read writeup
TetCTF 20222X-Service [100]read writeup
hxp CTF 2021shitty blog [250]read writeup
hxp CTF 2021Log 4 sanity check [104]read writeup
pbctf 2021Good Hash [218]read writeup
MetaCTF CyberGames 2021Look, if you had one shot read writeup
MetaCTF CyberGames 2021Custom Blog [350]read writeup
MetaCTF CyberGames 2021Yummy Vegetables read writeup
MetaCTF CyberGames 2021Ransomware Patch read writeup
MetaCTF CyberGames 2021I Hate Python [250]read writeup
MetaCTF CyberGames 2021Interception I read writeup
CyberSecurityRumble CTFStonks Street Journal read writeup
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