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Hack The Box CTF event.

Format: Jeopardy Jeopardy

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Event Overview
It was a rainy day. The last leaves of autumn had already fallen and it was a sign that winter is coming…

All the students of the Wizards Hacking School gathered by the fireplace in the main hall and were discussing the upcoming and most important tournament of the year named: Supernatural Hacks. The tournament was held every three years and consisted of six legendary challenges, each of a different subject, and the winning team would get to be the school’s representative until the next one.

The last six tournaments were won by team DarkPointyHats, a group of bullies that do not hesitate to cheat to get the points. Are you worthy of the Wizard Hacking School?


1. Click the “SIGN UP” button.
2. You'll be given the option to select your university from a dropdown menu. Search this list carefully and select your institution.
3. Enter your Full Name and Academic Email. If you make a mistake here, you'll need to reach out to our support team to correct it.
4. If the domain name or subdomain you entered for your academic email matches what we have on file for your institution, you'll be sent a verification code in your email inbox. This is the final step in the registration process.
5. After verifying, you'll be given a message confirming your registration and will be ready to compete in the CTF. Good luck! ?

*This might take a few minutes as our team is reviewing the registrations. We will do this automatically, no need to reach out.

1. Your University is not in the drop-down list.
All participating universities need to be enrolled with Hack The Box. Enrollment is a free process that can be done with a few clicks. You will need to have the Authorization Registration form we provide reviewed and signed by a faculty member. Click here to enroll your university.
2. You selected the wrong university from the list.
In this event, simply choose the correct university from the dropdown list and re-request verification.

For more information about the registration process, consult the guide on the website.


Over 58.000$ worth of prizes for the top 5.

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