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  • ZH3R0
  • zh3ro
  • <<ZH3R0>>
  • fullyBanned


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Participated in CTF events

Overall rating place: 27 with 204.196 pts in 2021

Country place: 4

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
102DawgCTF 20211630.00005.571
155DEF CON CTF Qualifier 2021101.00002.868
23WPICTF 20212751.000021.213
3S4CTF 20215035.000022.062
56Cyber Apocalypse 202112100.000015.416
446UMDCTF 2021101.00000.134
126PlaidCTF 2021101.00002.438
60HackPack CTF 2021500.00004.547
55Midnight Sun CTF 2021 Quals683.00007.555
2Pragyan CTF 20213275.000014.870
13b01lers CTF4735.000011.521
31ångstromCTF 20213030.000023.497
6FooBar CTF 20216115.000020.028
58VolgaCTF 2021 Qualifier845.00007.839
10Securinets CTF Quals 20218886.000027.072
9vishwaCTF 202117519.000020.349
154NahamCon CTF 20215107.00004.475
11DaVinciCTF 20211309.000012.935
9BSidesSF 2021 CTF4794.000011.384
67zer0pts CTF 2021549.00002.954
4darkCON CTF13559.000025.554
71Union CTF 2021400.00001.853
37SecureBug CTF600.00007.839
68DiceCTF 2021715.00004.104
470x41414141 CTF8137.00000.000
46*CTF 20211708.00004.222
97TetCTF 2021300.00001.051

Overall rating place: 69 with 269.435 pts in 2020

Country place: 3

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
1VULNCON CTF 202013115.000043.120
6X-MAS CTF 202012300.00000.000
65ASIS CTF Finals 2020230.00005.944
2boot2root 202015983.000035.930
117pbctf 202065.00000.501
6CTF Metared UNLP.EDU.AR Stage2495.000010.118
403HITCON CTF 202050.00001.215
84Dragon CTF 2020239.00005.934
27Square CTF 2020651.000011.243
22Sunshine CTF 20201454.000010.323
34KipodAfterFree CTF 2020485.00003.189
4Conquer the World by IEEE-VIT300.00008.594
27Newark Academy CTF 20207276.000013.908
184CyberSecurityRumble CTF1437.00003.774
27RaziCTF 202013671.00007.945
50Hack The Vote 202069.00000.813
433Syskron Security CTF 2020420.00001.722
39RundergroundCTF #26801.24000.000
144N1CTF 2020171.00000.810
29e-Jornadas 20202000.00008.607
2BSides Delhi CTF 20208724.000034.155
15TastelessCTF 20201170.00007.000
438CSAW CTF Qualification Round 2020155.00002.211
215ALLES! CTF 202056.00000.390
127FwordCTF 20201713.00002.382
2RESTCON CTF3744.00006.742
395Google Capture The Flag 202087.00001.402
376Hackers Playground 202050.00000.385
13PhantomCTF 3.07802.00000.000
26PoseidonCTF 1st Edition2155.00006.567
73InCTF 20201240.00004.025
100HacktivityCon CTF2230.00005.749
16csictf 202018755.000021.025
95rgbCTF 20203334.00003.680
199ASIS CTF Quals 202073.00001.306
7CSCML CTF 20203197.000013.066
3700CTF/TCTF 2020 Quals 12.00000.399
48redpwnCTF 20209890.000010.799
686Zh3r0 CTF50.00000.080
616NahamCon CTF780.00002.612
15NoobCTF 0x13570.000011.669
7CyberHackCTF 20206655.000022.567
13BatPwn - BSides Ahmedabad CTF 20203160.000010.790
355Really Awesome CTF 20201900.00002.518
782020 Defenit CTF766.00001.327
53HSCTF 76724.000010.113
425RCTF 202043.00000.290
83Pwn2Win CTF 2020317.00004.910
80Ugra CTF Quals 2020250.00001.334
156m0leCon CTF 2020 Teaser115.00000.966
98TJCTF 2020900.00007.277
378DEF CON CTF Qualifier 2020200.00002.877
95S㎩mAndFlags Uけimate w呎は屸de C㏊mᒆonship Teaser ꕫꕫ - ㎩㏚i㎄ Edition107.00000.668
632De1CTF 202027.00000.095
219Tiger King CTF560.00000.000
278Covid-19 CTF180.00000.000
140IJCTF 202010.00000.184
35Houseplant CTF 202017036.000012.595
106WPICTF 20201026.00008.405
772PlaidCTF 20201.00000.136
135Byte Bandits CTF 20201.00000.271
116TG:HACK 20201643.00003.783
554AUCTF 20201408.00000.825

Organized CTF events

Zh3r0 CTF V221.85
Zh3r0 CTF21.85

Team members

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