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People with Super Guessing skills

Participated in CTF events

Overall rating place: 10 with 330.592 pts in 2022

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
13m0leCon CTF 2022 Teaser1253.000020.390
10ångstromCTF 20224900.000063.923
10b01lers CTF2390.000022.746
18PlaidCTF 20221001.000036.448
10Midnight Sun CTF 2022 Quals3320.000016.679
1LINE CTF 20224856.000047.360
2zer0pts CTF 20225134.000050.141
15UTCTF 202211321.000021.864
23D^3CTF 20222023.40003.948
22Codegate CTF 2022 Preliminary2658.00008.388
4DiceCTF 20224388.000023.286
15Insomni'hack teaser 2022962.00007.637
6TetCTF 20227168.000027.755

Overall rating place: 3 with 1036.950 pts in 2021

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
4ASIS CTF Finals 20214191.000061.833
3hxp CTF 20217105.0000105.549
1SECCON CTF 20216261.0000185.340
6HITCON CTF 20214584.000077.160
5Dragon CTF 20212534.000085.585
1N1CTF 20219863.0000107.080
3HK Cyber Security New Generation CTF Challenge 20218450.000028.169 CTF 20215345.0000138.083
8ASIS CTF Quals 20212077.000070.244
2pbctf 20214815.000035.076
2TSG CTF 20213994.000049.709
13DownUnderCTF 2021 (Online)7578.000013.161
4[email protected] 2021 CTF15024.000030.449
15RCTF 20215711.000025.638
5ALLES! CTF 20213056.000033.267
3corCTF 202112711.000031.407
3Hacker's Playground 20214457.000028.638
2InCTF 202119369.000093.511
1UIUCTF 202110995.000047.520
1Crypto CTF 20214380.000072.000
1CyBRICS CTF 20214549.000066.640
9Google Capture The Flag 20215130.000089.224
1redpwnCTF 20219357.000065.220
200CTF/TCTF 2021 Quals 2402.000026.967
14CTFZone 20217882.000013.533
3WeCTF 20218560.000032.539
6Pwn2Win CTF 20213947.000062.181
6OMH 2021 CTF3042.000027.776
28saarCTF 202114900.38815.513
1S4CTF 20218935.000049.040
4Cyber Apocalypse 202119650.000030.413
24PlaidCTF 20212161.000039.387
11Midnight Sun CTF 2021 Quals2553.000029.394
4ångstromCTF 20215835.000053.908
4VolgaCTF 2021 Qualifier3348.000037.004
1Securinets CTF Quals 202116184.000083.420
3LINE CTF 20214277.000022.072
3UTCTF 202134237.000044.516
1zer0pts CTF 20215211.000049.120
1Aero CTF 20214259.000070.340
1Union CTF 20216415.000048.680
15DiceCTF 20211875.000011.442
11justCTF [*] 20202162.000015.434
20x41414141 CTF17275.00000.000
13*CTF 20215464.000013.692
10Real World CTF 3rd1008.000015.043
2TetCTF 20217460.000032.219

Overall rating place: 33 with 434.612 pts in 2020

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
27G̷a̷c̷h̷i̷ C̷T̷F̷ 2̷0̷2̷0̷5626.63004.168
82RuCTFE 202078.22001.003
8ASIS CTF Finals 20201955.000050.032
2pbctf 20204246.000031.296
1Balsn CTF 20208316.000050.000
1KipodAfterFree CTF 20204841.000049.220
4CyberYoddha CTF 202010910.000024.638 CTF 20203844.000075.443
4N1CTF 20207092.000032.206
4ISITDTU CTF 2020 Quals7948.000026.733
3TastelessCTF 20203088.000022.411
2Evlz CTF 3.01751.000030.183
27TokyoWesterns CTF 6th 20201858.000040.205
16CSAW CTF Qualification Round 20203405.000049.294
19ALLES! CTF 20201605.00009.151
5FwordCTF 202016622.000026.130
50Google Capture The Flag 20201078.000016.530

Team members

Team writeups

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pbctf 2021Nightclub [353]read writeup
TSG CTF 2021Advanced Fisher [365]read writeup
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TSG CTF 2021Coffee [138]read writeup
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TSG CTF 2021Lumberjack in Nature [393]read writeup
TSG CTF 2021This is DSA [290]read writeup
TSG CTF 2021Lumberjack against Nature [470]read writeup
TSG CTF 2021Baba is Flag [162]read writeup
TSG CTF 2021Flag is Win [278]read writeup
TSG CTF 2021Minimalist's Private [137]read writeup
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