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Participated in CTF events

Overall rating place: 326 with 8.215 pts in 2019

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
36Insomni'hack teaser 2019422.00008.215

Overall rating place: 27 with 332.456 pts in 2018

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
9hxp CTF 20181669.000025.259
3ASIS CTF Finals 20184879.000060.793
1GreHack CTF 20182400.00000.000
9DefCamp CTF Finals 20182529.000014.693
9CSAW CTF Final Round 20183026.000022.385
35SECCON 2018 Online CTF2229.000014.263
50Teaser Dragon CTF 2018297.00003.804
5DefCamp CTF Qualification 20182153.000018.240
6CSAW CTF Qualification Round 20184751.000030.717
1HackIT CTF 201814679.000049.900
14noxCTF 201810236.000012.048
48Google Capture The Flag 2018 (Quals)959.000012.676
6Security Fest CTF1194.000020.311
21RCTF 20184756.000011.350
53PlaidCTF 2018601.000012.159
8ASIS CTF Quals 20182521.000030.532
21INS'hAck 20181245.00005.970
17Nuit du Hack CTF Quals 20182501.000031.652
20VolgaCTF 2018 Quals1660.000014.042
4BackdoorCTF 20182200.000031.037
12N1CTF 20183610.000010.336
9Pragyan CTF 20182800.00007.600
28Xiomara CTF 20181101.00009.578
4TAMUctf 186284.000029.838
3nullcom HackIM 20184351.000020.342

Overall rating place: 103 with 124.437 pts in 2017

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
61WhiteHat Grand Prix 2017101.00000.696
90RuCTFE 2017210.75000.843
40Juniors CTF 20171900.00007.444
6TUCTF 20174076.000021.051
4GreHack CTF 20171800.00000.000
81HITCON CTF 2017 Quals695.00009.487
147DefCamp CTF Qualification 201760.00000.362
25BackdoorCTF 20171850.000020.599
63CSAW CTF Qualification Round 20172726.000010.831
36ASIS CTF Finals 2017882.00007.949
195MeePwn CTF 1st 2017101.00000.416
29PoliCTF 20171403.00007.090
99SECUINSIDE CTF Quals 201760.00000.405
32Trend Micro CTF 2017 - Raimund Genes Cup - Online Qualifier1600.00007.785
55Google Capture The Flag 2017 (Quals)927.00004.055
48RCTF 20171305.00003.167
128PlaidCTF 2017412.00006.935
970CTF 2017 Quals371.00003.060
61Boston Key Party CTF 2017901.000012.486
90Codegate 2017 prequals230.00002.361

Overall rating place: 276 with 47.227 pts in 2016

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
74SECCON 2016 Online CTF1100.00005.482
4Juniors CTF 20169800.00000.000
8GreHack CTF 20161700.00000.000
29EKOPARTY CTF 20161950.000017.943
53HITCON CTF 2016 Quals1050.000013.694
28DefCamp CTF Qualification 2016900.00004.523
133CSAW CTF Qualification Round 20161151.00005.585

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Team writeups

Insomni'hack teaser 2019junkyard [94]read writeup
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GreHack CTF 2018Keccak is not always better [250]read writeup
GreHack CTF 2018Backdoored DH [300]read writeup
GreHack CTF 2018HashMcQueen [400]read writeup
DefCamp CTF Qualification 2018Online linter [242]read writeup
DefCamp CTF Qualification 2018Get Admin [220]read writeup
CSAW CTF Qualification Round 2018Collusion [500]read writeup
CSAW CTF Qualification Round 2018flatcrypto [100]read writeup
N1CTF 2018harder php? [769]read writeup
N1CTF 2018easy php [540]read writeup
N1CTF 201877777 2 [208]read writeup
N1CTF 201877777 [104]read writeup
nullcom HackIM 2018Web6 [400]read writeup
nullcom HackIM 2018Web3 - CTRL+Z [350]read writeup
nullcom HackIM 2018Web5 - Look skyward for the answers [300]read writeup
nullcom HackIM 2018Web4 [200]read writeup
nullcom HackIM 2018OSINT4 [400]read writeup
nullcom HackIM 2018Crypto 1 nullcoin [300]read writeup
nullcom HackIM 2018Jailbreak [200]read writeup
TAMUctf 18XORbytes [100]read writeup
TAMUctf 18Enigma Too Far? [75]read writeup
TAMUctf 18nginx [25]read writeup
TAMUctf 18sql [50]read writeup
TAMUctf 18shell-plugin [200]read writeup
TAMUctf 18maze [100]read writeup
TAMUctf 18Segal's Law [175]read writeup
nullcom HackIM 2018Misc2 [100]read writeup
nullcom HackIM 2018Web7 - Tax Aversion [500]read writeup
Codegate CTF 2018 PreliminaryrbSql [212]read writeup
InCTF 2017buttercup [300]read writeup
InCTF 2017jumping_jacks [200]read writeup
SECCON 2017 Online CTFsecure_keymanager [400]read writeup
TUCTF 2017Temple [500]read writeup
TUCTF 2017Someone Hacked my Mainframe [300]read writeup
TUCTF 2017Poetry in Compilation [200]read writeup
TUCTF 2017Gr8 Pictures 2 [150]read writeup
TUCTF 2017Gr8 Pictures [50]read writeup
TUCTF 2017No Mans Dungeon [400]read writeup
TUCTF 2017unknown [200]read writeup
TUCTF 2017iFrame and Shame [300]read writeup
TUCTF 2017future [250]read writeup
TUCTF 2017Grammar Lesson [150]read writeup
TUCTF 2017Transporter [100]read writeup
TUCTF 2017Crypto Clock [300]read writeup
Tokyo Westerns CTF 3rd 2017simple note ver2 [148]read writeup
Tokyo Westerns CTF 3rd 2017simple note [86]read writeup
CSAW CTF Qualification Round 2017Auir [200]read writeup
GreHack CTF 2017NEW DSA [100]read writeup
GreHack CTF 2017NOT HARDCORE [300]read writeup
GreHack CTF 2017hardware 100 [100]read writeup
RCTF 2017rCDN [869]read writeup
RCTF 2017rFile [800]read writeup
Boston Key Party CTF 2017multi party computation [250]read writeup
Boston Key Party CTF 2017Artisinal Shoutboxes [200]read writeup
Boston Key Party CTF 2017Prudentialv2 [50]read writeup
Boston Key Party CTF 2017sponge [200]read writeup
GreHack CTF 2016Who owns the C&C [300]read writeup
GreHack CTF 2016Crypto 100 (the TCP server) [100]read writeup
GreHack CTF 2016robots.txt is not the only one [50]read writeup
AlexCTFRE4:unVM me [250]read writeup
AlexCTFRE2: C++ is awesome [100]read writeup
AlexCTFFore2: Mail Client [100]read writeup
AlexCTFCR5: Bring weakness [300]read writeup
AlexCTFCR4: Poor RSA [200]read writeup
AlexCTFCR2: Many time secrets [100]read writeup
GreHack CTF 2016Monster Den [100]read writeup