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Participated in CTF events

Overall rating place: 46 with 238.250 pts in 2021

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
37CyBRICS CTF 20211239.00009.976
48Google Capture The Flag 20211055.000018.149
9redpwnCTF 20215112.000021.439
36CTFZone 20212503.00004.756
26OMH 2021 CTF739.00006.677
26saarCTF 202115557.00105.784
96DEF CON CTF Qualifier 2021215.00005.837
11WPICTF 20214001.000031.860
33PlaidCTF 20211841.000033.037
40Midnight Sun CTF 2021 Quals998.000010.960
24ångstromCTF 20213505.000027.381
13VolgaCTF 2021 Qualifier2379.000022.998
15LINE CTF 20211106.00005.245
15NahamCon CTF 202114808.000014.171
114justCTF [*] 2020360.00002.412
25BambooFox CTF 20211778.00009.256

Overall rating place: 31 with 441.815 pts in 2020

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
32RuCTFE 2020273641.210010.852
17X-MAS CTF 20207066.00000.000
48DefCamp CTF 2020 Online1229.00006.618
195HITCON CTF 202050.00001.475
39Dragon CTF 20201001.000022.480
19CyberSecurityRumble CTF4197.000012.053 CTF 20201410.000025.839
31RundergroundCTF #26828.00000.000
18mHackeCTF - Enterprise Edition5334.80009.494
152SECCON 2020 Online CTF117.00002.053
1b01lers CTF bootcamp5975.000045.980
42TastelessCTF 2020401.00002.423
29TokyoWesterns CTF 6th 20201845.000039.695
20CSAW CTF Qualification Round 20203205.000045.877
2COMPFEST CTF 202017778.00000.000
8ALLES! CTF 20202638.000016.003
1FwordCTF 202019105.000048.840
72Crypto CTF 2020194.00001.437
1Arab Security Cyber Wargames 2020 Qualifications 6300.000040.000
1Arab Security Cyber Wargames6300.00000.000
1PoseidonCTF 1st Edition9512.000049.560
16InCTF 20207595.000023.501
15HacktivityCon CTF5380.000014.799
14ENOWARS 435122.443411.331
783rgbCTF 2020101.00000.130
32FAUST CTF 202010603.302715.772
28ASIS CTF Quals 20201227.000018.781
1230CTF/TCTF 2020 Quals 71.00001.579
39RundergroundCTF #1.22000.00000.000
11NahamCon CTF5825.000021.373
512020 Defenit CTF1145.00001.994
23Pwn2Win CTF 20201207.000018.542
835Hack-A-Sat Qualifiers16.00000.131
23m0leCon CTF 2020 Teaser1213.00009.598
33NorthSec 202034.00005.939
86DEF CON CTF Qualifier 2020425.00006.521
18S㎩mAndFlags Uけimate w呎は屸de C㏊mᒆonship Teaser ꕫꕫ - ㎩㏚i㎄ Edition1549.00007.362
142De1CTF 2020332.00000.871
5Covid-19 CTF3221.00000.000
7HITB LOCKDOWN CTF 202031181.89000.000
51IJCTF 20201300.00002.645
7Houseplant CTF 202031450.000025.245
22WPICTF 20202026.000017.429
79PlaidCTF 2020901.000014.605
32STAY ~/ CTF 202021116.31006.523
1Hack Zone Tunisia 202018404.000070.760
16Hexion CTF 2020 Online 6367.000011.326
30Byte Bandits CTF 20202860.000015.403
11TG:HACK 20205141.000013.410
8VirSecCon CTF5395.000025.123
64Midnight Sun CTF 2020 Quals802.00007.774
6AUCTF 202037412.000024.594
33X-MAS GTF 20204005.00000.000
55VolgaCTF 2020 Qualifier1060.00008.855
53FireShell CTF 20201756.00004.932
16Securinets CTF Quals 20208537.000015.350
34saarCTF 202019253.13526.890
19TAMUctf 20209993.00000.000
9SuSeC CTF 20201305.000013.745
18b01lers CTF2003.00008.166
19ångstromCTF 20204275.000026.983
53zer0pts CTF 20201335.00003.142
28UTCTF 20208323.00007.608
60UCSB iCTF 202080658.90003.479
6Pragyan CTF 20202160.000020.560
8SarCTF by Saratov State University21175.000020.993
226NeverLAN CTF 20202210.00002.226
41nullcon HackIM 20201555.00008.716

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Team writeups

redpwnCTF 2021pickled-onions [177]read writeup
3kCTF-2021telnet [500]read writeup
3kCTF-2021Babyrtos [500]read writeup
3kCTF-2021ppaste [498]read writeup
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ALLES! CTF 2020nullptr [428]read writeup
ALLES! CTF 2020Actual ASLR 1 [96]read writeup
ALLES! CTF 2020Actual ASLR 2 [172]read writeup
ALLES! CTF 2020Pyjail ATricks [80]read writeup
FwordCTF 2020Znfl [500]read writeup
FwordCTF 2020 Directory Manager [495]read writeup
FwordCTF 2020Auto [492]read writeup
FwordCTF 2020Blacklist [499]read writeup
PoseidonCTF 1st EditionCards [977]read writeup
PoseidonCTF 1st EditionOldNote [995]read writeup
InCTF 2020Party-planner [729]read writeup
HacktivityCon CTFAlmost [100]read writeup
HacktivityCon CTFBullseye [150]read writeup
HacktivityCon CTFWhat's In The Jar? [400]read writeup
3kCTF-2020glitch [500]read writeup
3kCTF-2020babym1ps [499]read writeup
ASIS CTF Quals 2020Baby note [117]read writeup
2020 Defenit CTFError Program [298]read writeup
Pwn2Win CTF 2020At Your Command [263]read writeup
PlaidCTF 2020YOU wa SHOCKWAVE [250]read writeup
TG:HACK 2020Useless Crap [319]read writeup
Byte Bandits CTF 2020fmt-me [416]read writeup
Hack Zone Tunisia 2020Alcatraz [958]read writeup
Byte Bandits CTF 2020write [400]read writeup
Hack Zone Tunisia 2020Pwn3 [919]read writeup
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