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Theoretical Science Group, UTokyo, Japan

Participated in CTF events

Overall rating place: 148 with 90.452 pts in 2021

Country place: 9

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
22PlaidCTF 20212201.000040.416
597RITSEC CTF 2021100.00000.330
194ångstromCTF 20211210.00009.027
7LINE CTF 20212416.000011.392
7zer0pts CTF 20213221.000018.689
34Union CTF 20211064.00004.733
61DiceCTF 2021828.00004.736
115Real World CTF 3rd41.00000.783
313TetCTF 2021100.00000.344

Overall rating place: 43 with 373.913 pts in 2020

Country place: 3

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
97hxp CTF 2020129.00002.468
25ASIS CTF Finals 20201058.000024.704
21pbctf 20201095.00006.046
16HITCON CTF 20202098.000046.907
28Dragon CTF 20201533.000034.079
96Balsn CTF 2020110.00000.591
64KipodAfterFree CTF 2020455.00002.698
124Ledger Donjon CTF 20202.00000.000 CTF 20203009.000057.215
17SECCON 2020 Online CTF1466.000024.168
9TokyoWesterns CTF 6th 20203273.000075.395
268CSAW CTF Qualification Round 2020405.00005.645
22ALLES! CTF 20201399.00007.966
103Crypto CTF 2020108.00000.848
55PoseidonCTF 1st Edition977.00002.996
101InCTF 2020923.00002.980
369HacktivityCon CTF775.00001.981
1036rgbCTF 20201.00000.020
6100CTF/TCTF 2020 Quals 12.00000.293
395redpwnCTF 20202492.00002.660
113Zh3r0 CTF2269.00002.386
632020 Defenit CTF955.00001.652
28m0leCon CTF 2020 Teaser1017.00008.029
7CTFZone 2020 Finals7699.356316.632
402Houseplant CTF 20201429.00001.059
43PlaidCTF 20201701.000027.514
54CONFidence CTF 2020 Teaser224.00003.584
12zer0pts CTF 20208847.000019.800
547UTCTF 2020201.00000.208
13Aero CTF 20204002.000015.009

Overall rating place: 54 with 278.886 pts in 2019

Country place: 3

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
27hxp 36C3 CTF1779.000011.490
95Inferno CTF 2019822.00004.627
13SECCON 2019 Final International competition644.00003.388
38watevrCTF 2019939.00004.676
10CTFZone 2019 Quals2507.000016.622 CTF 20192588.000024.300
46HITCON CTF 2019 Quals1608.000027.681
291Real World CTF 2019 Quals34.00000.397
18TokyoWesterns CTF 5th 20192636.000074.744
69Google Capture The Flag 2019 (Quals)612.000014.059
22Facebook CTF 20198340.000010.099
11Harekaze CTF 20191410.000013.169
56DEF CON CTF Qualifier 2019803.000013.544
34PlaidCTF 20192011.000035.776
3770CTF/TCTF 2019 Quals1.00000.226

Overall rating place: 85 with 183.025 pts in 2018

Country place: 6

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
4935C3 CTF468.000012.932
1SECCON 2018 Final International competition7384.000030.000
28X-MAS CTF 20185038.000010.061
46hxp CTF 2018553.00007.736
6CODE BLUE CTF 2018 Finals2685.00000.000
2SECCON 2018 Online CTF5160.000049.472
55HITCON CTF 2018566.00008.477
47TokyoWesterns CTF 4th 20181106.000017.390
4CODE BLUE CTF 2018 Quals3604.000029.008
1460CTF/TCTF 2018 Quals93.00000.979
14SECCON 2017 Final Japan competition415.000010.432
45Harekaze CTF 2018880.00007.516

Overall rating place: 174 with 83.474 pts in 2017

Country place: 12

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
23SECCON 2017 Online CTF4100.000020.523
6CODE BLUE CTF 20172295.000013.345
51HITCON CTF 2017 Quals1125.000015.288
42Tokyo Westerns CTF 3rd 2017833.000011.015
94Google Capture The Flag 2017 (Quals)503.00002.217
72DEF CON CTF Qualifier 2017322.00008.817
398PlaidCTF 201711.00000.387
830CTF 2017 Quals501.00004.050
43Codegate 2017 prequals805.00007.830

Overall rating place: 158 with 81.918 pts in 2016

Country place: 9

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
28SECCON 2016 Online CTF2600.000013.071
14Hack The Vote 20162901.000013.514
38HITCON CTF 2016 Quals1550.000020.053
126CSAW CTF Qualification Round 20161226.00005.947
77Tokyo Westerns/MMA CTF 2nd 2016790.00007.146
26Hackcon 20161501.00007.904
134ASIS CTF Quals 2016110.00001.476
105Google Capture The Flag 2016960.00004.687
101VolgaCTF 2016 Quals650.00003.318
45Internetwache CTF 20161970.00004.802

Overall rating place: 309 with 32.633 pts in 2015

Country place: 28

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
53SECCON 2015 Online CTF2200.000011.004
159HITCON CTF 2015 Quals51.00000.820
230CSAW CTF Qualification Round 20151380.00008.221
29MMA CTF 1st 20151460.000011.448
51Teaser CONFidence CTF 2015500.00001.140

Organized CTF events

TSG CTF 202134.80
TSG CTF 202023.75
TSG CTF23.75

Team members

Team writeups

Dragon CTF 2020Heap-Hop [358]read writeup
SECCON 2020 Online CTFMilk Revenge [205]read writeup
SECCON 2020 Online CTFMilk [186]read writeup
SECCON 2020 Online CTFBeginner's Capsule [130]read writeup
SECCON 2020 Online CTFCapsule [197]read writeup
TSG CTF 2020Poor Stego Guy [428]read writeup
TSG CTF 2020Self Host [305]read writeup
TSG CTF 2020Beginner's Misc [157]read writeup
TSG CTF 2020 ONNXrev [428]read writeup
TSG CTF 2020Reverse-ing [114]read writeup
TSG CTF 2020Modulus Amittendus [365]read writeup
TSG CTF 2020Rubikrypto [257]read writeup
TSG CTF 2020Sweet like Apple Pie [189]read writeup
TSG CTF 2020Slick Logger [365]read writeup
TSG CTF 2020Note2 [428]read writeup
TSG CTF 2020Note [322]read writeup
TSG CTF 2020Beginner's web [168]read writeup
TSG CTF 2020std::vector [365]read writeup
TSG CTF 2020Karte [341]read writeup
TSG CTF 2020RACHELL [322]read writeup
TSG CTF 2020Violence Fixer [248]read writeup
TSG CTF 2020Detective [240]read writeup
TSG CTF 2020Beginner's Pwn [147]read writeup
TSG CTF 2020BlindCoder [290]read writeup
TSG CTF 2020Slowest Decryption [227]read writeup
TSG CTF 2020Beginner's Crypto [107]read writeup
zer0pts CTF 2020 dirty laundry [636]read writeup
zer0pts CTF 2020diysig [394]read writeup
zer0pts CTF 2020nibelung [525]read writeup
zer0pts CTF 2020ROR [260]read writeup
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