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c00k1e cptr is a group of students from differnt Junior Colleges in SG with a joint interest in cybersec

Participated in CTF events

Overall rating place: 623 with 70.428 pts in 2023

Country place: 12

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
785SekaiCTF 202339.00000.125
144corCTF 2023256.00001.429
233 TFC CTF 2023350.00001.577
215ImaginaryCTF 2023900.00002.249
213BDSec CTF 2023975.00001.541
151CrewCTF 2023610.00000.598
273Crypto CTF 202323.00000.706
172UIUCTF 2023501.00005.260
146TyphoonCon CTF 202325.00000.146
80SEETF 20231778.00002.570
63BCACTF 4.01050.00006.573
109GPN CTF 2023400.00000.901
182HSCTF 103023.00007.609
92TJCTF 2023372.00003.028
63Security Fest 2023254.00001.176
83TBTL CTF 2023100.00000.444
181BYUCTF 20232077.00001.964
215DeadSec CTF 202351.00000.290
301HeroCTF v5310.00000.629
145m0leCon CTF 2023 Teaser50.00001.306
251ICSJWG Spring 2023555.00000.000
66WaniCTF 20233723.000012.671
324D^3CTF 20231.00000.089
176Ricerca CTF 202381.00000.000
103BSidesSF CTF 2023500.00000.934
305ångstromCTF 2023560.000015.245
156Space Heroes 20231606.00002.055
224DawgCTF 2023250.00001.167
421JerseyCTF III150.00000.202
172RITSEC CTF 20231487.00005.042
401UMass CTF 202325.00000.210
169b01lers CTF150.00001.005
332WolvCTF 2023350.00000.577
162vikeCTF 2023100.00001.005
71FooBar CTF 20235.00000.454
214UTCTF 2023220.00000.729
274Pragyan CTF 202310.00000.116
242KalmarCTF 2023300.00000.546

Team members

Team writeups

n00bzCTFStrings [484]read writeup
n00bzCTFPwn3 [486]read writeup
n00bzCTFPwn2 [453]read writeup
n00bzCTFBig Blacklist [440]read writeup
n00bzCTFNumbers [267]read writeup
n00bzCTFMy Chemical Romance [100]read writeup
n00bzCTFGoogle Form 1 [100]read writeup
n00bzCTFAmazing Song Lyrics [100]read writeup
n00bzCTFBeepBop [484]read writeup
n00bzCTFLSB [408]read writeup
n00bzCTFHecked [267]read writeup
n00bzCTFQRazy CSV [247]read writeup
n00bzCTFAvengers [181]read writeup
n00bzCTFCrack & Crack [100]read writeup
n00bzCTFThe online Odyssey [471]read writeup
n00bzCTFTry to hack me [452]read writeup
n00bzCTFLost [381]read writeup
n00bzCTFMission Moon [100]read writeup
n00bzCTFDamn [100]read writeup
n00bzCTFEZrev [372]read writeup
n00bzCTFWelcome [100]read writeup
n00bzCTFConditions [308]read writeup
n00bzCTFSecret Group [100]read writeup
n00bzCTFRobots [100]read writeup
n00bzCTFClub_N00b [100]read writeup
n00bzCTFPwn1 [308]read writeup
n00bzCTFFlag Shop [100]read writeup
n00bzCTFAes-1 [188]read writeup
n00bzCTFMaaS [410]read writeup
n00bzCTFRSA [452]read writeup
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