Sat, 17 June 2023, 01:00 UTC — Sun, 18 June 2023, 01:00 UTC 


Codegate CTF Preliminary event.

Format: Jeopardy Jeopardy

Official URL:

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Future weight: 36.58 

Rating weight: 25.00 

Event organizers 


1. CODEGATE 2023 CTF has three divisions: Junior, University, and General.

2. Each division has conditions of participation:

Junior Division
Individual competition
Only those born in 2005 or after 2005 can participate

University Division
Team competition
Only undergraduate students from universities in South Korea, including those currently enrolled and those on official leave of absence, are eligible.
All members of the team must be from the same university. i.e. teams consisting of students from different universities are not eligible.
Graduate students are not eligible to participate.
For teams that advance to the final round, there will be a verification process. e.g. you may need to provide either a certificate of enrollment or documentation confirming your leave of absence.

General Division
Team competition
Everyone else who is not in the junior or university division

3. There may be some common challenges, but basically the challenges are the same for the General Division and the University Division, and different for the Junior Division.

4. For the General & University Division, the details of the limit on the number of team members are as follows:

There is no limit on the number of team members in the preliminary round. (But 10 or less are recommended.)
For the final round, a maximum of 4 members are allowed, and these members must be from the original preliminary round team.
Remote participation is not allowed in the final round; all team members must be physically present.

5. Official Channel : Discord (We will communicate any updates during the competition via Discord.)

6. If you have any questions about the challenges or rules, please open a ticket on the Discord.

7. These actions are subject to disqualification:

Seeking or providing hints, clues, flags or answers to participants other than your own team members. However, hints or clues provided by the organizers to all participants are allowed.
Participating in multiple teams
Any activity or action that interferes with, obstructs, or disturbs other teams, participants, or organizers. Such activities or actions are not limited to DoS and DDoS.
Attacking or spying on other teams, participants and organizers.
Brute forcing flags on the * flag authentication system.
Intentionally interrupting or hindering others from submitting or obtaining flags.
Participating in divisions other than those allowed by the rules. (e.g. participating in the junior division even if you were born in 2004)
Attacking any machine or infrastructure other than the designated challenges provided in the competition.
Failing to provide a reasonable explanation for suspected cheating.

8. After the preliminary round ends, these teams must submit write-ups to [email protected] within 24 hours:

General Division: Top 15 teams
University Division: Top 15 teams
Junior Division: Top 25 participants

9. The organizers will officially announce the finalist teams after carefully verifying write-ups from top teams. The scoreboard cannot be used to confirm that the teams are going to the final round even after the preliminary round ends.

a. The number of finalist teams is as follows:

General Division: 10 teams
Top 9 teams from the preliminary round
1 team from the winner of the general division of CODEGATE 2022 CTF Finals
University Division: 10 teams
Top 9 teams from the preliminary round
1 team from the winner of the university division of CODEGATE 2022 CTF Finals
Junior Division: Top 20 participants from the preliminary round

b. The user account created in the preliminary registration process, must belong to the participant, himself. Identification of information is required in the final round.


<Hacking Competition>
Prize money 50,000,000KRW
Automatically qualified for the CODEGATE 2024

Prize money 10,000,000KRW

Prize money 5,000,000KRW

<Undergraduate Hacking Competition>

Prize money 10,000,000KRW

Prize money 3,000,000KRW

Prize money 2,000,000KRW

<Junior Hacking Competition>

Prize money 3,000,000KRW

Prize money 2,000,000KRW

Prize money 1,000,000KRW


47 teams total

PlaceTeamCTF pointsRating points
1 Azure Assassin Alliance 7252.00050.000
2 DiceGang 5637.00031.933
3 0ops 5561.00027.504
4 Plaid Parliament of Pwning 5354.00024.707
5 CodeRed 5193.00022.902
6 r3kapig 4415.00019.387
7 GYG 3982.00017.299
8 organizers 3604.00015.549
9 SKSD 3003.00013.130
10 zer0pts 2981.00012.776
11 Legendary Ducks 2649.00011.405
12 Maple Bacon 2412.00010.398
13 ierae 2063.0009.035
14 군필 2058.0008.880
15 More Smoked Leet Chicken 1730.0007.631
16 Omogen Heap Overflow 1695.0007.406
17 Tower of Hanoi 1557.0006.838
18 Null@Root 1312.0005.912
19 dohki 1057.0004.960
20 Cyber Dark Inferno 1034.0004.815
21 Bushwhackers 1028.0004.734
22 d0now 901.0004.242
23 CLB ATTT HCMUT 794.0003.824
24 4 soldiers can win 765.0003.679
25 Balsn 686.0003.365
26 /bad 653.0003.213
27 yui 624.0003.077
28 Men I Trust 624.0003.044
29 xXxpassword123xXx 533.0002.699
30 idek 268.0001.757
31 tinefed 206.0001.517
32 Ducklings 206.0001.491
33 spookies 206.0001.468
34 y011d4 141.0001.221
35 thehackerscrew 141.0001.200
36 IEEEFTW 141.0001.181
37 ARESx 141.0001.162
38 TCP1P 127.0001.096
39 ginowa 127.0001.079
40 asdf 127.0001.063
41 bi0s 127.0001.048
42 noop 79.0000.868
43 Beautiful Galaxy 79.0000.854
44 전역까지 213일 남았당 79.0000.841
45 한입보이 79.0000.828
46 ㅁㄴㅇㄹ 79.0000.816
47 .hidden 79.0000.402
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