Also known as
  • dothidden
  • ~hidden

Academic team University of Bucharest


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.hidden is a team of students from the University of Bucharest, passionate about hacking and cybersecurity.

We formed the team on the 28th of April 2023, once we randomly decided to take part in a CTF competition. It all took off from there.

Our goal is to contribute to the local CTF and hacking scene by learning and sharing our experiences with students of the University, as well as anyone else that wants to join in on the fun.

Plan to participate in CTF events

Google Capture The Flag 2024June 21, 2024, 6 p.m.

Participated in CTF events

Overall rating place: 409 with 58.125 pts in 2024

Country place: 4

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
535Akasec CTF 2024100.00000.000*
71L3akCTF 20241848.00002.427
19UMDCTF 20249500.000033.753
79VishwaCTF 20244114.00009.855
148bi0sCTF 2024100.00001.087
47LA CTF 20247695.000010.589
2550xL4ugh CTF 2024110.00000.414
90HackDay 2024 - Qualifications410.00000.000

Overall rating place: 265 with 144.232 pts in 2023

Country place: 3

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
64BackdoorCTF 20236542.000010.882
11Wargames.MY CTF 20233677.00000.000
86HTB University CTF 2023: Brains & Bytes2650.00008.007
49TUCTF 20231813.00005.387
118 GlacierCTF 2023360.00001.559
39Square CTF 2023826.00009.243
83CakeCTF 2023584.00000.000
113LakeCTF Quals 23150.00001.244
7EKOPARTY CTF 202310976.000018.876
43SpookyCTF 20235146.00008.882
18DefCamp Capture the Flag (D-CTF) 2023 Quals2405.000019.355 CTF 2023159.00003.573
34Balsn CTF 2023711.000013.854
74Securinets CTF Quals 2023200.00003.407
97 TFC CTF 2023847.00003.814
192ImaginaryCTF 20231000.00002.500
27UIUCTF 20231696.000018.687
67Google Capture The Flag 2023924.000013.233
47Codegate CTF 2023 Preliminary79.00000.402
13n00bzCTF 202311441.000014.554
19DanteCTF 20233810.000013.148
237DEF CON CTF Qualifier 202311.00000.546
38HeroCTF v54427.00008.245
91PwnMe Qualifications : "8 bits"728.00003.059
55UMDCTF 20236296.000012.399

Team members

Team writeups

DefCamp Capture the Flag (D-CTF) 2023 Qualsdefcamp6 [320]read writeup
DefCamp Capture the Flag (D-CTF) 2023 Qualssystem-write [287]read writeup
DefCamp Capture the Flag (D-CTF) 2023 Qualssystem-leak [247]read writeup
DefCamp Capture the Flag (D-CTF) 2023 Qualsbook [247]read writeup
DefCamp Capture the Flag (D-CTF) 2023 Qualsbistro-v2 [10]read writeup
DefCamp Capture the Flag (D-CTF) 2023 Qualsbistro [12]read writeup
DefCamp Capture the Flag (D-CTF) 2023 Qualsbaby-bof [10]read writeup
DefCamp Capture the Flag (D-CTF) 2023 Quals4aes [23]read writeup
Google Capture The Flag 2023write-flag-where2 read writeup
Google Capture The Flag 2023Symatrix [114]read writeup
UIUCTF 2023vmwhere2 read writeup
UIUCTF 2023Tornado Warning read writeup
Google Capture The Flag 2023NPC [122pt]read writeup
Google Capture The Flag 2023Mine The Gap [ 183pt]read writeup
UIUCTF 2023geoguesser read writeup
n00bzCTF 2023zzz [451]read writeup
n00bzCTF 2023ASM [489]read writeup
n00bzCTF 2023Strings [484]read writeup
n00bzCTF 2023RSA [452]read writeup
n00bzCTF 2023MaaS [410]read writeup
n00bzCTF 2023Pwn3 [486]read writeup
n00bzCTF 2023Pwn2 [453]read writeup
n00bzCTF 2023Pwn1 [308]read writeup
DanteCTF 2023Soulcode [246]read writeup
DanteCTF 2023StrangeBytes [490]read writeup
DanteCTF 2023Routes Mark The Spot [290]read writeup
DanteCTF 2023Who Can Haz Flag [100]read writeup