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We're here to learn how to crack things by utterly impressive googlefu techniques that are seldom awakened.

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Aero CTF 2021Feb. 27, 2021, 9 a.m.

Participated in CTF events

Overall rating place: 76 with 22.101 pts in 2021

Country place: 2

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
94Tenable CTF 20213200.00000.000*
24TrollCAT CTF 20213680.00009.384
206DiceCTF 2021329.00001.840
236justCTF [*] 2020150.00001.019
69TetCTF 2021400.00001.420

Overall rating place: 456 with 70.706 pts in 2020

Country place: 5

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
17Brixel CTF winter edition655.00000.000
192X-MAS CTF 2020754.00000.000
41DefCamp CTF 2020 Online1565.00008.360
407Dragon CTF 202042.00001.079
309Balsn CTF 2020110.00000.412
161Square CTF 2020151.00002.524
141Sunshine CTF 2020320.00002.204
89KipodAfterFree CTF 202030.00000.429
30Newark Academy CTF 20206826.000013.016
159Hacktober CTF2686.00007.578
116TastelessCTF 2020101.00000.676
201Zh3r0 CTF1172.00001.241
205NahamCon CTF1750.00005.889
1662020 Defenit CTF267.00000.500
1077Hack-A-Sat Qualifiers16.00000.124
149TJCTF 2020695.00005.594
486DEF CON CTF Qualifier 2020200.00002.837
484S㎩mAndFlags Uけimate w呎は屸de C㏊mᒆonship Teaser ꕫꕫ - ㎩㏚i㎄ Edition10.00000.088
160AUCTF 20208869.00005.082
152FireShell CTF 2020361.00001.080
213Securinets CTF Quals 2020200.00000.461
224TAMUctf 20201029.00000.000
207CONFidence CTF 2020 Teaser9.00000.246
518b01lers CTF2.00000.050
286ångstromCTF 20201400.00008.393
235UTCTF 2020552.00000.551
58NeverLAN CTF 20204465.00004.538
218HackTM CTF Quals 2020250.00000.699

Team members

Team writeups

Newark Academy CTF 2020Packed [600]read writeup
Newark Academy CTF 2020Gopher [500]read writeup
HACON_CTFWizard [75]read writeup
HACON_CTFBEEP [75]read writeup
HACON_CTFSn0w M4N [50]read writeup
HACON_CTFMISC 3 [75]read writeup
HACON_CTFTHE MATRIX [100]read writeup
HACON_CTFMISC 2 [50]read writeup
HACON_CTFRobo Returns [75]read writeup
HACON_CTFEAsy WEb [70]read writeup
NahamCon CTFMr. Robot [25]read writeup
NahamCon CTFMicrosooft [100]read writeup
NahamCon CTFVolatile [125]read writeup
NahamCon CTFRead The Rules [5]read writeup
NahamCon CTFCLIsay [20]read writeup
NahamCon CTFMetameme [25]read writeup
NahamCon CTFUGGC [30]read writeup
NahamCon CTFPang [40]read writeup
NahamCon CTFEasy Keesy [30]read writeup
NahamCon CTFFinsta [50]read writeup
NahamCon CTFSaaS [100]read writeup
NahamCon CTFTron [75]read writeup
TJCTF 2020Login [30]read writeup
TJCTF 2020ASMR [60]read writeup
AUCTF 2020Don't Break Me! read writeup
AUCTF 2020Don't Break Me! 763 read writeup
AUCTF 2020Plain Jane 730 read writeup
AUCTF 2020Plain Jane read writeup
AUCTF 2020Sora read writeup
AUCTF 2020Sora 398 read writeup
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