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Participated in CTF events

Overall rating place: 607 with 50.407 pts in 2020

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
331Balsn CTF 2020110.00000.406
203Sunshine CTF 2020201.00001.400
182KipodAfterFree CTF 20205.00000.161
391Ledger Donjon CTF 20201.00000.000
74Hack The Vote 20201.00000.342
174Hacktober CTF2485.00006.930
96FwordCTF 20202316.00003.213
249csictf 20203633.00003.875
183UIUCTF 2020220.00000.679
130Chujowy CTF 2020134.00000.886
768rgbCTF 2020101.00000.131
90BSidesTLV 2020 CTF100.00000.713
1770CTF/TCTF 2020 Quals 71.00001.333
782redpwnCTF 2020948.00001.019
113UUTCTF 2020175.00000.826
659NahamCon CTF725.00002.426
217BatPwn - BSides Ahmedabad CTF 202010.00000.128
266Really Awesome CTF 20202600.00003.444
122Pwn2Win CTF 2020166.00002.691
711Hack-A-Sat Qualifiers16.00000.136
342m0leCon CTF 2020 Teaser53.00000.444
236TJCTF 2020495.00003.940
241DEF CON CTF Qualifier 2020200.00002.979
168Tiger King CTF740.00000.000
180Covid-19 CTF506.00000.000
172Houseplant CTF 20204814.00003.492
136WPICTF 2020826.00006.759
603PlaidCTF 20201.00000.169
54HackPack CTF 20202119.00000.000
152Byte Bandits CTF 20201.00000.241
412TG:HACK 2020771.00001.736
115VirSecCon CTF2530.000010.611
338Midnight Sun CTF 2020 Quals113.00001.123
207VolgaCTF 2020 Qualifier350.00002.885
140TAMUctf 20202042.00000.000
787ångstromCTF 2020335.00002.022
640UTCTF 2020151.00000.161
332NeverLAN CTF 20201530.00001.540

Overall rating place: 183 with 121.110 pts in 2019

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
72BambooFox CTF456.00000.000
392watevrCTF 201954.00000.295
22X-MAS CTF 20196198.00008.429
796OverTheWire Advent Bonanza 201958.00000.160
71TUCTF 20197929.000016.313
195RITSEC CTF 20191025.00001.769
65Rooters CTF1383.00003.866
364picoCTF 201917750.00000.000
448TokyoWesterns CTF 5th 201963.00001.874
29HackCon 20192687.00008.353
264De1CTF 2019151.00000.419
187CyBRICS CTF Quals 2019100.00000.810
7InnoCTF International 20196368.00000.000
468Harekaze CTF 201910.00000.129
799DEF CON CTF Qualifier 2019100.00001.631
361TSG CTF100.00000.369
241INS'hAck 2019249.00001.547
2UUT CTF3381.000027.588
119ångstromCTF 20191030.00004.549
154YauzaCTF 2019 Quals100.00000.420
176PlaidCTF 2019211.00004.002
507WPICTF 201926.00000.119
141TJCTF 2019165.00000.000
149SwampCTF 2019288.00000.903
134Midnight Sun CTF 2019 Quals240.00000.967
103ENCRYPT CTF1711.00009.373
55Sunshine CTF 2019780.00005.648
15b00t2root '192416.00009.431
350VolgaCTF 2019 Qualifier100.00000.910
72UTCTF 20192700.00002.785
337TAMUctf 195176.00008.642
32STEM CTF: Cyber Challenge 20191350.000011.401
229BITSCTF 201920.00000.259
58NeverLAN CTF 20196500.000015.932

Overall rating place: 234 with 81.778 pts in 2018

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
65X-MAS CTF 20182698.00005.297
267hxp CTF 201825.00000.466
90TUCTF 20185783.000014.691
176RITSEC CTF 20181161.00003.313
357Square CTF 20187265.00001.971
450HITCON CTF 201850.00000.810 CTF 2018271.00004.171
184picoCTF 201820185.00000.000
186CSAW CTF Qualification Round 20181101.00006.158
108SEC-T CTF102.00001.338
40noxCTF 20184758.00005.440
6IceCTF 20184085.000022.044
48TokyoWesterns CTF 4th 20181106.000017.355

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