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Sieberrsec not cybersec

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Participated in CTF events

Overall rating place: 786 with 21.025 pts in 2022

Country place: 14

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
37TJCTF 20223339.00009.084
535m0leCon CTF 2022 Teaser50.00000.770
246ångstromCTF 2022930.000011.170

Overall rating place: 424 with 79.023 pts in 2021

Country place: 8

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
179N1CTF 202168.00000.668
30WORMCON 0x01950.00003.564
205FwordCTF 2021100.00000.226
305corCTF 2021762.00001.467
567Really Awesome CTF 202150.00000.157
280InCTF 202110.00000.282
200RCTS CERT 2021 Defending the SOC900.00003.525
66BSides Noida CTF1515.00003.027
511RaRCTF 2021120.00000.229
48RTLxHA CTF 21305.00007.201
131UIUCTF 2021671.00001.631
138Crypto CTF 202167.00000.812
454CyBRICS CTF 202150.00000.440
300ImaginaryCTF 2021630.00001.453
432redpwnCTF 2021928.00003.310
520CTF/TCTF 2021 Quals 675.00008.027
79WeCTF 20211340.00004.106
15HSCTF 815031.000022.113
463BCACTF 2.0725.00001.444
99WPICTF 2021450.00003.579
251UMDCTF 2021800.00000.733
132PlaidCTF 2021101.00002.402
76ångstromCTF 20212215.000016.696
151UMassCTF 2021998.00003.160
176UTCTF 20214394.00004.448
98darkCON CTF2147.00003.375
119Union CTF 2021200.00000.963
59TrollCAT CTF 20212288.00005.764
86DiceCTF 2021605.00003.447
327justCTF [*] 2020100.00000.685
1420x41414141 CTF1917.00000.000
218BambooFox CTF 20211.00000.115
70TetCTF 2021388.00001.383

Overall rating place: 384 with 80.962 pts in 2020

Country place: 5

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
614Brixel CTF winter edition30.00000.000
417hxp CTF 202019.00000.446
102BSides Algiers 2021 Quals50.00000.392
43X-MAS CTF 20203799.00000.000
317HITCON CTF 202050.00001.281
432Balsn CTF 2020110.00000.389
551Square CTF 20201.00000.079
89SunshineCTF 2020450.00003.129
63KipodAfterFree CTF 2020455.00002.704
128Newark Academy CTF 20203250.00006.020
71CyberSecurityRumble CTF1837.00005.025
29Hack The Vote 2020211.00001.818
271Syskron Security CTF 2020770.00003.143
79N1CTF 2020347.00001.591
327Hacktober CTF1257.00003.549
126SECCON 2020 Online CTF123.00002.225
285DamCTF 2020473.00001.137
288Reply Cyber Security Challenge 2020108.00000.966
293b01lers CTF bootcamp600.00002.387
36BalCCon2k20 CTF900.00002.845
276DownUnderCTF 20201258.00002.292
129Crypto CTF 202053.00000.488
168CyBRICS CTF 2020313.00001.247
22UIUCTF 20201520.00004.871
294rgbCTF 2020890.00000.994
49TSG CTF 2020371.00002.307
389redpwnCTF 20202540.00002.711
104WeCTF 2020441.00001.345
1228NahamCon CTF320.00001.075
105Really Awesome CTF 20206035.00008.013
321HSCTF 71636.00002.426
30Pwn2Win CTF 2020870.000013.492
52TJCTF 20201260.000010.297
894DEF CON CTF Qualifier 2020100.00001.425
103S㎩mAndFlags Uけimate w呎は屸de C㏊mᒆonship Teaser ꕫꕫ - ㎩㏚i㎄ Edition107.00000.649
426Houseplant CTF 20201138.00000.851
119UMDCTF 20201150.00001.864
94WPICTF 20201126.00009.233
628PlaidCTF 20201.00000.163
1184AUCTF 202050.00000.023
96ångstromCTF 20202645.000015.979
148UTCTF 20201298.00001.216
164Aero CTF 2020200.00000.804
186Pragyan CTF 2020100.00000.899
877NeverLAN CTF 2020150.00000.155
200HackTM CTF Quals 2020298.00000.822

Overall rating place: 2740 with 8.618 pts in 2019

Country place: 16

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
541TUCTF 20191203.00002.467
44RITSEC CTF 20193421.00006.021
3179picoCTF 20194700.00000.000
277N1CTF 201912.00000.130
13peaCTF 201910350.00000.000

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Team writeups

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picoCTF 2021Rolling My Own [300]read writeup
ångstromCTF 2021I'm so random [100]read writeup
ångstromCTF 2021Substitution [130]read writeup
UMassCTF 2021replme [498]read writeup
UMassCTF 2021replme2 [500]read writeup
UMassCTF 2021Weird RSA [500]read writeup
darkCON CTFWarmup [482]read writeup
darkCON CTFNO-OUTPUT [495]read writeup
DiceCTF 2021Web Utils [121]read writeup
DiceCTF 2021Missing Flavortext [111]read writeup
DiceCTF 2021Babier CSP [107]read writeup
DiceCTF 2021flippidy [149]read writeup
DiceCTF 2021babyrop [116]read writeup
TrollCAT CTF 2021Radio Station Apocalypse [457]read writeup
TrollCAT CTF 2021msgbox [499]read writeup
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