Also known as
  • Cyber Doggos

Academic team


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CTF team based in California, US. Vihan, Sid, and some kid from Cornell.

Participated in CTF events

Overall rating place: 30447 with 0.272 pts in 2021

Country place: 733

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
667zer0pts CTF 202150.00000.272

Overall rating place: 940 with 37.274 pts in 2020

Country place: 115

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
882csictf 2020100.00000.131
471rgbCTF 2020351.00000.407
753Houseplant CTF 2020450.00000.345
665DawgCTF 2020370.00000.816
515VirSecCon CTF660.00002.769
498Midnight Sun CTF 2020 Quals55.00000.568
183AUCTF 20207522.00004.313
337Securinets CTF Quals 2020100.00000.250
596TAMUctf 202050.00000.000
296CONFidence CTF 2020 Teaser9.00000.210
212b01lers CTF103.00000.462
241ångstromCTF 20201590.00009.537
179zer0pts CTF 2020200.00000.539
601UTCTF 2020152.00000.164
222NeverLAN CTF 20202240.00002.256
309Codegate CTF 2020 Preliminary1.00000.030
615nullcon HackIM 20201.00000.065
379HackTM CTF Quals 202075.00000.240
73Insomni'hack teaser 2020168.00004.743

Overall rating place: 913 with 27.661 pts in 2019

Country place: 99

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
224BambooFox CTF107.00000.000
213Inferno CTF 2019332.00001.879
111justCTF 2019263.00001.270
85KipodAfterFree CTF 201986.00002.203
112watevrCTF 2019338.00001.670
510X-MAS CTF 2019156.00000.232
455OverTheWire Advent Bonanza 201959.00000.184
184TUCTF 20194978.000010.149
69RITSEC CTF 20192629.00004.565
127BackdoorCTF 20191.00000.451 CTF 2019105.00001.117
254SECCON 2019 Online CTF210.00001.438
209HITCON CTF 2019 Quals155.00002.918
316picoCTF 201918901.00000.000

Team members

Team writeups

Insomni'hack teaser 2020welcome [36]read writeup
Insomni'hack teaser 2020secretus [96]read writeup
KipodAfterFree CTF 2019BackHash [10]read writeup
KipodAfterFree CTF 2019Cat Space [35]read writeup
KipodAfterFree CTF 2019Cookie Clicker [25]read writeup
watevrCTF 2019Swedish State Archive [60]read writeup
watevrCTF 2019SuperSandbox [123]read writeup
RITSEC CTF 2019Buckets of fun [100]read writeup
RITSEC CTF 2019misdirection [100]read writeup
RITSEC CTF 2019Take it to the cleaners [100]read writeup
RITSEC CTF 2019pre-legend [100]read writeup
RITSEC CTF 2019Shiny [100]read writeup
RITSEC CTF 2019Acorn [100]read writeup
RITSEC CTF 2019999 Bottles [110]read writeup
RITSEC CTF 2019Long Gone [100]read writeup
RITSEC CTF 2019Crack me If You Can [391]read writeup
RITSEC CTF 2019AlPhAbEtIcAl Challenge [280]read writeup
RITSEC CTF 2019random [290]read writeup
RITSEC CTF 2019yeet [300]read writeup
RITSEC CTF 2019Lunar Lander [143]read writeup
RITSEC CTF 2019HD Pepe [284]read writeup CTF 2019Nucular Power Plant [105]read writeup
SECCON 2019 Online CTFBeeeeeeeeeer [110]read writeup