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CTF Internacional MetaRed event.

Format: Jeopardy Jeopardy

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Future weight: to be determined

Rating weight: 23.58 

Event organizers 

With the support of University of Aveiro in Portugal, MetaRed Portugal is responsible for organizing this, the 5th stage of the MetaRed International CTF 2022.

In the 2nd stage of the 2022 MetaRed International CTF the competition will be based around two different areas which will share exercises with distinct levels of graded difficulty.

1. Free and Global Competition, in which any team may enrol and participate.

2. Competition confined to MetaRed IES, in which participants will have to prove through their enrolment (email account) that they belong to an Ibero-American Institution of Higher Education.


Prizes will be divided into two categories, the Global Competition and the MetaRed Competition.

GLOBAL COMPETITION PRIZES (available to all participants)

A prize for the best competing team (accumulation of all stages)
1 (one) prize to the value of 1.500 U$D
METARED COMPETITION PRIZES (for MetaRed universities)

A prize for the best team from each country with the highest accumulated score for all the stages (it is a requirement to belong to a university forming part of the MetaRed network)
10 (ten) prizes each to the value of 500 U$D
One prize per stage for the best team of the stage
6 (six) prizes each to the value of 200 U$D
One prize per country awarded to the university of the winning team
10 (ten) prizes: Diploma and interview in the International MetaRed magazine
Prizes are accumulative for MetaRed teams.

Prizes are awarded to the leader of the team.

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MetaRed Competition

Internships with Banco Santander's cybersecurity teams.

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