Also known as
  • Team 1nf1n1ty
  • Team SASTRA

Academic team SASTRA Deemed to be University


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SASTRA University CTF Team

Participated in CTF events

Overall rating place: 82 with 130.460 pts in 2022

Country place: 5

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
303Hack-A-Sat 3 Qualifiers36.00000.504
106hackrocks & HackArmour CTF25.00000.000*
161VolgaCTF 2022 Qualifier100.00000.373
3542Cyber Apocalypse CTF 2022: Intergalactic Chase 25.00000.039
59TJCTF 20222453.00006.602
450m0leCon CTF 2022 Teaser50.00000.783
244San Diego CTF 2022375.00001.047
199EZ CTF | Beginner Friendly1995.00000.000
201ångstromCTF 20221120.000013.457
46Digital Overdose Conference 2022 CTF950.00005.871
46DawgCTF 2022450.00002.847
274NahamCon CTF 20222300.00002.310
55Incognito 3.01791.00004.384
38CUCTF 1.01350.00009.146
140CrewCTF 2022466.00000.553
419DCTF 2022100.00000.380
62JerseyCTF II4895.000010.674
29Winja CTF | Nullcon Berlin 2022921.00005.824
347PlaidCTF 20221.00000.301
100HackPack CTF 2022400.00003.676
40 nullcon HackIM 2022631.00003.616
113UMassCTF 2022774.00002.596
31Space Heroes CTF3924.00008.843
91RITSEC CTF 20221395.00004.469
394LINE CTF 20221.00000.065
40Wolverine Security Conference/CTF4419.00008.603
35OFPPT-CTF Morocco15941.000015.967
18VishwaCTF 202211523.000012.621
237UTCTF 20221155.00002.141
66DaVinciCTF 20221789.00004.597
421337UP LIVE CTF3345.00007.341
16Engineer CTF6962.000016.665
23Pragyan CTF 20223331.00003.872
56UMDCTF 20225829.00007.477
83FooBar CTF 2022511.00001.991
2wtfctf 20223369.000027.007
67Codegate CTF 2022 Preliminary200.00000.919
56Ugra CTF Quals 2022175.00002.347
101TSJ CTF 2022110.00001.004
245SUSCTF 202271.00000.253
105VU CYBERTHON 202287.00002.666

Overall rating place: 130 with 176.181 pts in 2021

Country place: 10

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
81CTF Internacional MetaRed 2021 - 5th STAGE200.00000.000
43VULNCON CTF 2021425.00002.205
127HITCON CTF 202192.00001.952
205MetaCTF CyberGames 20215025.00008.148 CTF Thor 20218699.000021.850
23TFC CTF 20212333.000012.886
4Damncon 20213194.000019.696
13MetaRed International CTF 2021 - 4th STAGE4550.00000.000
69Intent CTF 2021150.00000.920
24Winja CTF | c0c0n 20211150.00007.816
3eHaCON CTF 2K21886.000028.827
49DUNGEON - BSides Ahmedabad CTF 2021419.00003.108
128DamCTF 20211953.00006.051
15CTF Internacional MetaRed 2021 - 3rd STAGE3031.00000.000
15UUTCTF 20211100.00006.521
33Killer Queen CTF 20214316.000010.811
4Kettle CTF 20212200.00000.000
52Bsides Jeddah 20213700.000018.513
68BuckeyeCTF 2021793.00003.316
4Jornadas 202111864.000023.223
66DEADFACE CTF4585.000010.694
12Digital Overdose 2021 Autumn CTF5036.000017.079
57TastelessCTF 20211.00000.634
162TSG CTF 2021300.00002.642
7Tamil CTF 202119857.000012.604
153DownUnderCTF 2021 (Online)2523.00003.916
32SunshineCTF 2021413.00004.643
60PBjar CTF '213921.00007.248
82[email protected] 2021 CTF3992.00006.736
477CSAW CTF Qualification Round 2021336.00000.798
27TMUCTF 20213790.00005.755
37GrabCON CTF 20212300.00008.661
176ALLES! CTF 2021221.00002.087
16WORMCON 0x011445.00005.687
162FwordCTF 2021618.00000.812
146corCTF 20211919.00003.658
62Hacker's Playground 2021493.00002.660
102InCTF 2021350.00001.744
191RCTS CERT 2021 Defending the SOC900.00003.530
166BSides Noida CTF596.00001.192
45RTLxHA CTF 21330.00007.783
177ImaginaryCTF 20211205.00002.761
107Lexington Informatics Tournament CTF 20212242.00006.668
338redpwnCTF 20211138.00004.063
193CyberThreatForce CTF | 202110.00000.155
562Hack-A-Sat 2 Qualifiers26.00000.276
447HSCTF 81717.00002.394
511BCACTF 2.0575.00001.151
95S.H.E.L.L. CTF1691.00008.270
24FreedomCTF Spring 2021320.00000.000
208Zh3r0 CTF V2101.00000.232
90OMH 2021 CTF23.00000.551
244m0leCon CTF 2021 Teaser57.00000.469
175DCTF 20212050.00004.976
137San Diego CTF 2021353.00000.994
161DawgCTF 20211055.00003.603
235DEF CON CTF Qualifier 2021101.00002.690
157HeroCTF v3731.00002.677
935Cyber Apocalypse 20212125.00002.657
207HackPack CTF 2021191.00001.699

Team members

Team writeups

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eHaCON CTF 2K21Cat-0-Graphy [50]read writeup
eHaCON CTF 2K21Use Me [80]read writeup
eHaCON CTF 2K21One You're Searching [90]read writeup
CTF Internacional MetaRed 2021 - 3rd STAGE Data exfiltration [447]read writeup
Killer Queen CTF 2021Tweety Birb [269]read writeup
Jornadas 2021A Castle's Flag [100]read writeup
Jornadas 2021The Poet Denis The First [990]read writeup
Jornadas 2021I C More Packets [940]read writeup
Jornadas 2021Find IP(v6) [380]read writeup
Jornadas 2021Paintr [728]read writeup
Jornadas 2021My Vulnerability Portal [100]read writeup
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Jornadas 2021Sharing is caring [944]read writeup
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Tamil CTF 2021Find Me [700]read writeup
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