Fri, 30 Nov. 2018, 15:37 UTC — Sun, 02 Dec. 2018, 15:37 UTC 


Pwn2Win CTF event.

Format: Jeopardy Jeopardy

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Brazilian Thematic CTF, organized by ELT members. Jeopardy, involving subjects like Eletronics and PPC-M (PPC like Marathons) in addition to the traditional categories.

Registration opens close to the date. This year we'll be using a fully auditable platform based on Non-interactive Zero Knowledge (NIZK) proofs. All teams have a copy of the database and it is possible to independently audit submitted flags and scoreboard.

Read carefully how the competition will work:

11/30/2018 (friday), to be started at 13:37 BRST (UTC -2), for 48 hours straight.

IRC: #pwn2win@freenode


Top 1: Internet Fame level Gold + Personalized Certificates
Top 2: Internet Fame level Silver + Personalized Certificates
Top 3: Internet Fame level Bronze + Personalized Certificates

The personalized certificates are just like "medals" from the event, something that you will use to testify your participation and Top 3 in this competition.

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