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We have two Canadians, two Estonians, an Israeli and a Korean!

Participated in CTF events

Overall rating place: 1 with 1327.358 pts in 2020

Country place: 1

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
1HITCON CTF 20205048.0000196.220
1Dragon CTF 20204913.0000196.000
1CSAW CTF Final Round 20204001.000048.800 CTF 20205245.0000175.880
2SECCON 2020 Online CTF3875.000086.539
9Midnight Sun CTF 2020 Finals2315.000022.990
60CTF/TCTF 2020 Finals644.700081.201
2TokyoWesterns CTF 6th 20204827.0000144.684
5CSAW CTF Qualification Round 20203955.000064.773
19 CONFidence CTF 2020 Finals485.00004.149
409ALLES! CTF 202056.00000.335
7Google Capture The Flag 20203747.000062.888
27Crypto CTF 2020719.00004.980
26CyBRICS CTF 20201207.00005.181
3TSG CTF 20204214.000028.616
1ASIS CTF Quals 20204843.0000129.940
30CTF/TCTF 2020 Quals 7677.0000116.453
1Pwn2Win CTF 20204862.0000127.120
12Hack-A-Sat Qualifiers1949.000014.366
22m0leCon CTF 2020 Teaser1271.000010.046
19DEF CON CTF Qualifier 20202092.000031.785
2De1CTF 202011354.000036.070
8CTFZone 2020 Finals5459.145512.978
10PlaidCTF 20204251.000072.662
2Midnight Sun CTF 2020 Quals2999.000045.407
2VolgaCTF 2020 Qualifier3661.000044.923
10TAMUctf 20209993.00000.000
15CONFidence CTF 2020 Teaser952.000014.931
1b01lers CTF6503.000044.800
1ångstromCTF 20205465.000064.640
2zer0pts CTF 202012239.000036.825
1BSidesSF 2020 CTF11181.000050.000
65Codegate CTF 2020 Preliminary77.00000.418
1nullcon HackIM 20207288.000073.320
125HackTM CTF Quals 2020570.00001.536
14Insomni'hack teaser 2020536.000016.577
1WhiteHat Grand Prix 06 – Quals5280.000049.000

Overall rating place: 9 with 743.502 pts in 2019

Country place: 2

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
8hxp 36C3 CTF4222.000029.606 CTF4668.000049.660
1justCTF 20196245.000049.700
1watevrCTF 20195820.000049.840
5X-MAS CTF 201912598.000019.733
26OverTheWire Advent Bonanza 20193820.00009.540
4CTFZone 2019 Quals3138.000024.966
1TUCTF 201913518.000054.320
1ASIS CTF Finals 20195040.0000167.280
1CSAW CTF Final Round 20196326.000095.000
18HITCON CTF 2019 Quals3867.000066.873
11Balsn CTF 20193435.000013.019
305PwnThyBytes CTF 20191.00000.085
59Real World CTF 2019 Quals128.00001.592
1CSAW CTF Qualification Round 20195501.000086.000
37Trend Micro CTF 2019 - Raimund Genes Cup - Online Qualifier200.00000.660
12TokyoWesterns CTF 5th 20192915.000084.781
330Chaos Communication Camp 201938.00000.305
242Crypto CTF 201920.00000.207
210CyBRICS CTF Quals 201980.00000.660
32Google Capture The Flag 2019 (Quals)1790.000040.049
4Midnight Sun CTF 2019 Finals13166.000024.015
7Facebook CTF 201914630.000019.248
9Security Fest 20193465.000021.523
16Blaze CTF 20192100.000016.548
39ångstromCTF 20192060.00009.298
175SwampCTF 2019238.00000.750
6Midnight Sun CTF 2019 Quals5961.000023.559
4Sunshine CTF 20193755.000031.250
300CTF/TCTF 2019 Quals1368.000022.777
13CONFidence CTF 2019 Teaser1240.000013.290
120UCSB iCTF 201962.000021.647
2BSidesSF 2019 CTF6209.000037.065
33TAMUctf 1916866.000028.848
45Insomni'hack teaser 2019335.00006.514

Overall rating place: 23 with 369.322 pts in 2018

Country place: 4

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
2335C3 CTF961.000026.712
112X-MAS CTF 20181339.00002.660
13hxp CTF 20181325.000019.579
68OverTheWire Advent Bonanza 20181.00000.342
101Pwn2Win CTF 2018284.00002.156
22ASIS CTF Finals 2018913.000010.720
1TUCTF 20189655.000048.160
116Kaspersky Industrial CTF 201850.00000.350
835RITSEC CTF 201811.00000.055
3CSAW CTF Final Round 20184676.000040.824
4WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018 - Final Round13290.000019.306
30SECCON 2018 Online CTF2451.000015.961
34HITCON CTF 20181063.000015.455 CTF 2018294.00004.527
1picoCTF 201835135.00000.000
19DefCamp CTF Qualification 20181436.000010.651
4CSAW CTF Qualification Round 20185151.000035.609
57HackIT CTF 2018742.00001.699
1noxCTF 201821687.000044.520
1IceCTF 20185135.000045.820
12TokyoWesterns CTF 4th 20182601.000043.562
8WhiteHat Grand Prix 2018 – Quals2160.000020.528
5TJCTF 20182235.000028.483
38CODE BLUE CTF 2018 Quals284.00002.451
10Real World CTF 2018 Quals713.00009.597
13CTFZone 2018 Quals1707.00009.680
13Meepwn CTF Quals 20184540.000012.858
10Midnight Sun CTF 2018 Finals1892.00009.573
154Security Fest CTF102.00001.470
2HSCTF 59575.00000.000
26DEF CON CTF Qualifier 20181600.000029.815
38PlaidCTF 2018851.000017.111
32ASIS CTF Quals 20181153.000012.539
28NoNameCon CTF Quals 201850.00000.000
1STEM CTF: Cyber Challenge 20183000.00000.000
8Blaze CTF 20185040.000019.055
5Midnight Sun CTF 2018 Quals2160.000023.866
20Timisoara CTF 2018 Quals1921.000012.088
77WPICTF 2018763.00004.280
333HITB-XCTF GSEC CTF 2018 Quals59.00000.156
2UIUCTF 20182552.000025.816
7ångstromCTF 20183525.000024.332

Organized CTF events

pbctf 20200.00

Team members

Team writeups

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De1CTF 2020Easy PHP UAF [952]read writeup
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