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Red Knights Recruiting Server -

Participated in CTF events

Overall rating place: 146 with 82.931 pts in 2021

Country place: 13

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
100Zh3r0 CTF V2566.00000.932
70ICHSA CTF 2021150.00001.021
170Pwn2Win CTF 202150.00001.102
77m0leCon CTF 2021 Teaser282.00002.142
63DawgCTF 20212155.00007.434
74WPICTF 2021900.00006.914
30TAMUctf 20212350.00009.840
365PlaidCTF 20211.00000.289
124HackPack CTF 2021301.00002.689
118Midnight Sun CTF 2021 Quals231.00002.672
365RITSEC CTF 2021360.00001.099
54b01lers CTF1149.00002.792
323ångstromCTF 2021715.00005.336
164VolgaCTF 2021 Qualifier132.00001.336
93UMassCTF 20211671.00005.250
245Securinets CTF Quals 202150.00000.299
216LINE CTF 202150.00000.275
28BlueHens CTF 20212152.00005.683
23vishwaCTF 202111682.000013.051
121UTCTF 20216492.00006.567
35DaVinciCTF 2021603.00005.632
246zer0pts CTF 2021107.00000.604
84Aero CTF 2021100.00000.622
37darkCON CTF4381.00006.987
358Union CTF 2021100.00000.446
171Tenable CTF 20212350.00007.960
68TrollCAT CTF 20212060.00005.158
621DiceCTF 20211.00000.045
226justCTF [*] 2020167.00001.128
880x41414141 CTF3956.00000.000
9The Cyber Grabs CTF 20212460.000012.863
214BambooFox CTF 202150.00000.346
219Real World CTF 3rd41.00000.630
359TetCTF 2021100.00000.334

Overall rating place: 427 with 74.829 pts in 2020

Country place: 31

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
94Brixel CTF winter edition520.00000.000
14VULNCON CTF 20204916.00009.622
219hxp CTF 202019.00000.650
142#kksctf open 2020214.00000.652
65X-MAS CTF 20202951.00000.000
64ASIS CTF Finals 2020231.00005.985
9boot2root 202011059.000019.006
203pbctf 20201.00000.127
70Shakti CTF1101.00009.379
621HITCON CTF 202050.00001.130
5CTF InterIUT 20201580.000023.434
107Dragon CTF 2020197.00004.845

Team members

Team writeups

darkCON CTFToo Much [467]read writeup
0xL4ughCTFNot so Ez Reversing read writeup
ASIS CTF Finals 2020Izzy [68]read writeup
ASIS CTF Finals 2020Dream [77]read writeup
ASIS CTF Finals 2020Less secure secrets [71]read writeup
boot2root 2020Welcome To Pwn [457]read writeup
boot2root 2020Buggy PHP [469]read writeup
boot2root 2020Upload [490]read writeup
boot2root 2020Smuggle [496]read writeup
CTF InterIUT 2020Capturez le drapeau [10]read writeup
CTF InterIUT 2020Récupération de données 1 [50]read writeup
CTF InterIUT 2020We will rock you again [50]read writeup
CTF InterIUT 2020We will rock you [20]read writeup
CTF InterIUT 2020Le SAGE doré [50]read writeup
CTF InterIUT 2020La voie du SAGE [20]read writeup
Dragon CTF 2020Bit Flip 1 [155]read writeup
Affinity CTF Lite (Junior/Beginner)One is missing [10]read writeup
Affinity CTF Lite (Junior/Beginner)Shark has a long tail [663]read writeup
Affinity CTF Lite (Junior/Beginner)dias skeerG tneicna [20]read writeup
Affinity CTF Lite (Junior/Beginner)operationsluggishhamster [229]read writeup
Affinity CTF Lite (Junior/Beginner)BreakMe [500]read writeup
Affinity CTF Lite (Junior/Beginner)Lost Head [50]read writeup
Affinity CTF Lite (Junior/Beginner)Classic Forensic [425]read writeup
Affinity CTF Lite (Junior/Beginner)Char Wrap [10]read writeup
Affinity CTF Lite (Junior/Beginner)sooodefault [30]read writeup
Affinity CTF Lite (Junior/Beginner)Collision Course [500]read writeup
Affinity CTF Lite (Junior/Beginner)Path of Double-Dipping [85]read writeup
Affinity CTF Lite (Junior/Beginner)NotRandomCMS [129]read writeup
Affinity CTF Lite (Junior/Beginner)Malicious File [30]read writeup
Affinity CTF Lite (Junior/Beginner)Magic Word [120]read writeup
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