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Participated in CTF events

Overall rating place: 149 with 115.073 pts in 2018

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
62ASIS CTF Finals 2018157.00002.270
16TUCTF 20189655.000026.669
17Kaspersky Industrial CTF 20181272.00005.886
46RITSEC CTF 20182836.00008.074
133Square CTF 201824910.00006.706
233SECCON 2018 Online CTF324.00002.078
20P.W.N. CTF1430.00007.859
79BSides Delhi CTF 2018326.00002.046
60HITCON CTF 2018566.00008.311 CTF 2018447.00006.562
108InCTF 2018100.00000.349
87DefCamp CTF Qualification 2018288.00002.154
331CSAW CTF Qualification Round 2018476.00002.667
50SEC-T CTF255.00003.265
19noxCTF 20188633.00009.992
52IceCTF 20182835.000012.986
215TokyoWesterns CTF 4th 2018182.00002.971
56Hackcon 2018455.00007.044
467Meepwn CTF Quals 2018100.00000.294
138STEM CTF: Cyber Challenge 2018450.00000.000
133Blaze CTF 2018420.00001.518
3590CTF/TCTF 2018 Quals52.00000.488
111SwampCTF 20181729.00004.041
113BackdoorCTF 201850.00000.814
40angstromCTF 20182455.000015.519
310Pragyan CTF 2018400.00000.999
19Xiomara CTF 20181351.000011.914
109nullcom HackIM 2018400.00001.491
343Insomni'hack teaser 201837.00000.618

Overall rating place: 254 with 57.126 pts in 2017

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
325SECCON 2017 Online CTF700.00003.374
216TUCTF 2017676.00003.050
78RC3 CTF 2017400.00001.707
181hxp CTF 2017103.00000.799
22School CTF 20171800.00005.416
245HITCON CTF 2017 Quals182.00002.543
57Pwn2Win CTF 2017680.00002.197 CTF 2017132.00001.576
23Hack Dat Kiwi 20171135.00008.769
67Kaspersky Industrial CTF Quals 20171400.00004.210
322Square CTF 2017160.00000.775
132DefCamp CTF Qualification 201769.00000.413
70BackdoorCTF 2017850.00009.312
166EKOPARTY CTF 2017248.00001.342
283CSAW CTF Qualification Round 2017626.00002.484
143SEC-T CTF310.00002.334
282SHA2017 CTF200.00001.091
276SECUINSIDE CTF Quals 201760.00000.245
1350Google Capture The Flag 2017 (Quals)50.00000.213
8390CTF 2017 Quals12.00000.134
575EasyCTF 2017495.00000.000

Overall rating place: 179 with 73.349 pts in 2016

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
244SECCON 2016 Online CTF400.00001.969
12Juniors CTF 20166300.00000.000
51RC3 CTF 20163040.00008.020
110RuCTFE 201679.00000.688
109School CTF 2016400.00000.974
152Hack The Vote 2016451.00001.996
255TUM CTF 201674.00000.437
810CSAW CTF Qualification Round 201651.00000.270
464Tokyo Westerns/MMA CTF 2nd 201660.00000.606
95HCTF 201651.00000.582
243Hackcon 2016501.00002.336
619IceCTF 2016526.00000.000
459ASIS CTF Quals 20161.00000.092
266Google Capture The Flag 2016325.00001.598
4Blaze CTF 20161260.000012.438
137PlaidCTF 2016376.00008.028
177Nuit du Hack CTF Quals 2016450.00005.300
184Pwn2Win CTF 201640.00000.487
120VolgaCTF 2016 Quals450.00002.352
30BCTF 20161310.00009.053
25Sunshine CTF 2016705.00002.050
1640CTF 2016 Quals1.00000.759
270Boston Key Party CTF 20163.00002.097
213SSCTF 2016 Quals110.00000.238
46Internetwache CTF 20161970.00004.799
47HackIM 20164600.00002.781
115Insomni'hack teaser 2016250.00003.400

Overall rating place: 546 with 15.376 pts in 2015

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
149SECCON 2015 Online CTF1200.00005.895
1209447 Security Society CTF 2015527.00003.616
59Hack Dat Kiwi 2015945.00005.865

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Viettel Mates CTF 2018Viettel Store [100]read writeup
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angstromCTF 2018Hellcode [200]read writeup
angstromCTF 2018File Storer [160]read writeup
angstromCTF 2018Product Key [200]read writeup
angstromCTF 2018The Best Website [230]read writeup
angstromCTF 2018Rop to the Top [130]read writeup
angstromCTF 2018OFB [120]read writeup
angstromCTF 2018MadLibs [120]read writeup
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Xiomara CTF 2018Slammer [200]read writeup
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Xiomara CTF 2018Mario Mystery [50]read writeup
Xiomara CTF 2018Dig_Deep [150]read writeup
Xiomara CTF 2018Flag Locker [200]read writeup
Xiomara CTF 2018Fortune Jack [50]read writeup
Xiomara CTF 2018Mario's Dream [100]read writeup
Xiomara CTF 2018Giveaway [150]read writeup
Xiomara CTF 2018Flag Generator Software [100]read writeup
Xiomara CTF 2018Flag Checker V2.0 [150]read writeup
Xiomara CTF 2018Flag Checker V1.0 [50]read writeup
SECCON 2017 Online CTFJPEG file [100]read writeup
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hxp CTF 2017Babyish [100 pts]read writeup
HITCON CTF 2017 QualsStart [132]read writeup
Kaspersky Industrial CTF Quals 2017Bad computations [800]read writeup
Kaspersky Industrial CTF Quals 2017Backdoor Pi [300]read writeup
Kaspersky Industrial CTF Quals 2017Security home cameras [300]read writeup CTF 2017Mistune [150]read writeup
BackdoorCTF 2017JUST-DO-IT [250]read writeup
BackdoorCTF 2017no-calm [350]read writeup
BackdoorCTF 2017baby-0x41414141 [150]read writeup
BackdoorCTF 2017THE-WALL [100]read writeup
CSAW CTF Qualification Round 2017SCV [100]read writeup
CSAW CTF Qualification Round 2017tableEZ [100]read writeup
CSAW CTF Qualification Round 2017Orange v1 [100]read writeup
CSAW CTF Qualification Round 2017pilot [75]read writeup
CSAW CTF Qualification Round 2017Serial [50]read writeup
SEC-T CTFDate [50]read writeup
SEC-T CTFNaughty ads [200]read writeup
SEC-T CTFSprinkler system [100]read writeup
Blaze CTF 2016postboard [420]read writeup
Blaze CTF 2016dmail [420]read writeup
Sunshine CTF 2016FlirtatiousGator [300]read writeup