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A CTF team from Kenya. Looking to master various IT security related fields and the big wins.





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Participated in CTF events

Overall rating place: 1742 with 7.142 pts in 2017

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
364CODE BLUE CTF 201738.00000.223
1026HITCON CTF 2017 Quals50.00000.704
306Hack Dat Kiwi 201725.00000.120
303DefCamp CTF Qualification 20175.00000.069
1199CSAW CTF Qualification Round 20171.00000.024
1STEM CTF: Cyber Challenge 201750.00000.000
297SEC-T CTF10.00000.155
510ASIS CTF Finals 201718.00000.242
672Tokyo Westerns CTF 3rd 201711.00000.210
139WhiteHat Challenge 040.00000.000
209HackIT CTF 201750.00000.298
120HITB CTF Singapore 2017259.00000.681
210bugs_bunny ctf 2k17265.00001.165
208MeePwn CTF 1st 2017101.00000.409
857Google Capture The Flag 2017 (Quals)50.00000.223
348Security Fest 201710.00000.142
431RCTF 201732.00000.121
41YUBITSEC CTF 2017651.00000.000
255Insigne CTF5.00000.000
110Sunshine CTF 201776.00000.202
224ASIS CTF Quals 201710.00000.230
267INS'hAck 201768.00000.359
675VolgaCTF 2017 Quals50.00000.151
8800CTF 2017 Quals12.00000.132
1692EasyCTF 201715.00000.000
113Pragyan CTF 2017510.00001.618
333BSides San Francisco CTF126.00000.507

Overall rating place: 5608 with 0.808 pts in 2016

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
436SharifCTF 71.00000.106
213ASIS CTF Finals 20163.00000.307
395Pwn2Win CTF 20160.00000.000
389Sharif University CTF 201650.00000.394

Overall rating place: 7421 with 0.000 pts in 2015

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
746EKOPARTY CTF 20150.00000.000

Team members

Team writeups

DefCamp CTF Qualification 2017Hex Warm Up [1]read writeup
DefCamp CTF Qualification 2017No that kind of network [1]read writeup
Codefest CTF 2017Digging Deeper [200]read writeup
Codefest CTF 2017SimplyBlack [50]read writeup
Codefest CTF 2017Role Reversal [100]read writeup
HITB CTF Singapore 2017simple_transfer [259]read writeup
SHA2017 CTFJunior - Rotation [1]read writeup
SHA2017 CTFJunior - Transposition [3]read writeup
SHA2017 CTFJunior - Location [3]read writeup
SHA2017 CTFJunior - Deleted File [3]read writeup
SHA2017 CTFJunior - Captured Mail [4]read writeup
SHA2017 CTFJunior - Hidden Message [3]read writeup
SHA2017 CTFJunior - Weird Website [3]read writeup
SHA2017 CTFJunior - Zipfile Two [2]read writeup
SHA2017 CTFJunior - Zipfile One [1]read writeup
SHA2017 CTFJunior - Broken Image [2]read writeup
SHA2017 CTFJunior - Old School [2]read writeup
SHA2017 CTFJunior - Wanna Buy a Flag? [2]read writeup
SHA2017 CTFJunior - Find The Flag [1]read writeup
SHA2017 CTFJunior - All about the Base [1]read writeup
SHA2017 CTFJunior - In Your Head [1]read writeup
bugs_bunny ctf 2k17Scy way [45]read writeup
bugs_bunny ctf 2k17Crypto-15 [15]read writeup
bugs_bunny ctf 2k17NothingHere [5]read writeup
WhiteHat Challenge 03For002 [15]read writeup
WhiteHat Challenge 03For001 [15]read writeup
WhiteHat Challenge 03Crypto002 [10]read writeup
WhiteHat Challenge 03Crypto001 [25]read writeup
WhiteHat Challenge 03Web001 [20]read writeup
YUBITSEC CTF 2017Gifted [50]read writeup
YUBITSEC CTF 2017Bash [5]read writeup
YUBITSEC CTF 2017A fine cipher. [10]read writeup
YUBITSEC CTF 2017Rome [10]read writeup
YUBITSEC CTF 2017Strings [25]read writeup
YUBITSEC CTF 2017Great Leader [50]read writeup
YUBITSEC CTF 2017Social Media [15]read writeup
YUBITSEC CTF 2017Location [50]read writeup
YUBITSEC CTF 2017Mobile Number [75]read writeup
YUBITSEC CTF 2017*blushes* [50]read writeup
YUBITSEC CTF 2017File [50]read writeup
YUBITSEC CTF 2017Lectures? [200]read writeup
INS'hAck 2017Easy HTML [25]read writeup
Sunshine CTF 2017Easy 2 [50]read writeup
Sunshine CTF 2017Easy 1 [25]read writeup
Pragyan CTF 2017Interstellar [150]read writeup
Pragyan CTF 2017Look Harder [50]read writeup
Pragyan CTF 2017Lost Friends [300]read writeup
BSides San Francisco CTFeasy [10]read writeup
BSides San Francisco CTFeasyauth [30]read writeup
BSides San Francisco CTFeasycap [40]read writeup
BSides San Francisco CTFzumbo1 [20]read writeup
AlexCTFRE1: Gifted [50]read writeup
AlexCTFSC2: Cutie Cat [150]read writeup