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The name tells all.

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Participated in CTF events

Overall rating place: 257 with 4.566 pts in 2018

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
259Harekaze CTF 201880.00000.734
34SharifCTF 81155.00001.527
287Insomni'hack teaser 201837.00000.635

Overall rating place: 107 with 118.599 pts in 2017

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
414 The 318br, DESEC and SucuriHC Capture The Flag (3DSCTF)94.00000.201
307SECCON 2017 Online CTF700.00003.379
159TUCTF 2017926.00003.977
7GreHack CTF 20171200.00000.000
213HCTF 201710.00000.138
442CODE BLUE CTF 201738.00000.211
163HITCON CTF 2017 Quals319.00004.387 CTF 2017452.00005.093
211Hack Dat Kiwi 2017125.00000.965
128Codefest CTF 2017250.00000.798
76EKOPARTY CTF 20171423.00006.545
223CSAW CTF Qualification Round 2017876.00003.465
18SEC-T CTF1710.000013.534
227ASIS CTF Finals 201797.00000.952
386Tokyo Westerns CTF 3rd 201749.00000.715
35HackIT CTF 2017800.00004.040
45HITB CTF Singapore 20171336.00003.099
277SHA2017 CTF200.00001.093
408MeePwn CTF 1st 20171.00000.063
93PoliCTF 2017311.00001.632
340SECUINSIDE CTF Quals 201730.00000.150
89SHA2017 CTF Teaser round50.00000.000
110Security Fest 2017260.00002.133
290RCTF 2017114.00000.316
16UIUCTF 20171750.000010.946
152DEF CON CTF Qualifier 201778.00002.349
6YUBITSEC CTF 20174046.00000.000
261PlaidCTF 2017136.00002.396
26Insigne CTF115.00000.000
300BCTF 201764.00000.080
7TAMUctf 20174605.000025.372
14FIT-HACK CTF 20174250.000021.045
19Sunshine CTF 2017726.00001.759
284ASIS CTF Quals 20171.00000.136
11INS'hAck 20172143.000010.735
218Teaser CONFidence CTF 20171.00000.050
89Nuit du Hack CTF Quals 2017500.00005.119
62Securinets CTF Quals 201750.00000.518
28Insomni'hack 201713150.00007.659
242VolgaCTF 2017 Quals350.00001.971
3510CTF 2017 Quals44.00000.431
122EasyCTF 20172255.00000.000
6THC CTF 2017958.00000.000
25Pragyan CTF 20171385.00004.501
26Xiomara CTF 20171001.00005.077
374Boston Key Party CTF 20171.00000.173
234nullcon HackIM 350.00000.334
164Codegate 2017 prequals50.00000.659
43BITSCTF 2017300.00006.140
119Insomni'hack teaser 2017150.00001.203

Overall rating place: 153 with 85.666 pts in 2016

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
9The 318br, DESEC, and SucuriHC Capture The Flag (3DSCTF)6903.000020.080
51SharifCTF 71508.00009.779
408SECCON 2016 Online CTF300.00001.458
41Juniors CTF 20163700.00000.000
662RC3 CTF 201620.00000.041
15GreHack CTF 2016800.00000.000
60Qiwi-Infosec CTF-20162000.00004.257
772Hack The Vote 20161.00000.034
103EKOPARTY CTF 2016900.00007.965 CTF 2016269.00006.900
270HITCON CTF 2016 Quals100.00001.437
49Hackover CTF 201646.00001.798
118TUM CTF 2016199.00001.115
111DefCamp CTF Qualification 2016100.00000.574
22H4ckIT CTF 2016 Online5550.000017.238
94CSAW CTF Qualification Round 20161601.00007.772
97ASIS CTF Finals 2016141.00002.385
180Tokyo Westerns/MMA CTF 2nd 2016310.00002.832
44CTF(x) 2016551.00000.000
72IceCTF 20162451.00000.000

Team members

Team writeups

SharifCTF 8Hidden Input [50]read writeup
SharifCTF 8Hidden [100]read writeup
SharifCTF 8The news hacker [150]read writeup
SECCON 2017 Online CTFPowerful_Shell [300]read writeup
HackIT CTF 2017pwn150 [150]read writeup
HackIT CTF 2017Pwn200 [200]read writeup
HackIT CTF 2017Rev150 [150]read writeup
HackIT CTF 2017Rev200 [200]read writeup
YUBITSEC CTF 2017Webshell [300]read writeup
YUBITSEC CTF 2017Diffie-Hellman [225]read writeup
YUBITSEC CTF 2017Easy [100]read writeup
YUBITSEC CTF 2017Simple Encryption [175]read writeup
YUBITSEC CTF 2017RSA I [325]read writeup
YUBITSEC CTF 2017RSA II [350]read writeup
picoCTF 2017Flagsay 2 [150]read writeup
FIT-HACK CTF 2017Connect [150]read writeup
FIT-HACK CTF 2017Color [250]read writeup
INS'hAck 2017RSA16M [125]read writeup
Sthack 2017Fabulous Honeypot [2800]read writeup
Sthack 2017Something Strange [2500]read writeup
Sthack 2017Mr President [2500]read writeup
Insomni'hack 2017Secr3tMgr Lock read writeup
THC CTF 2017Multipass [50]read writeup
THC CTF 2017brokenhash [100]read writeup
THC CTF 2017OTPunched [50]read writeup
Xiomara CTF 2017Secure Pyshell [100]read writeup
NeverLAN CTFNo Humans Allowed [200]read writeup
NeverLAN CTFNot Star Trek [150]read writeup
NeverLAN CTFSiths use Ubuntu (3 of 3) [175]read writeup
NeverLAN CTFSiths use Ubuntu (2 of 3) [175]read writeup
NeverLAN CTFSiths use Ubuntu (1 of 3) [125]read writeup
Xiomara CTF 2017The Shopkeeper Quiz [200]read writeup
The 318br, DESEC, and SucuriHC Capture The Flag (3DSCTF)Please, no. BONUS [300]read writeup
The 318br, DESEC, and SucuriHC Capture The Flag (3DSCTF)Safe Cracking in a Websocket's House [400]read writeup
H4ckIT CTF 2016 Online1magePr1son- Nozambique [150]read writeup
H4ckIT CTF 2016 OnlineSuspicious AVI - Azerbaijan [450]read writeup
H4ckIT CTF 2016 Onlinev01c3_0f_7h3_fu7ur3 - Australia [300]read writeup
H4ckIT CTF 2016 OnlineEvil_Corps - Senegal [115]read writeup
IceCTF 2016Scavenger Hunt [50]read writeup