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  • WaniHackase
  • Wani_Hackase
  • Wani-Hackase

Academic team Osaka University



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Plan to participate in CTF events

Sunshine CTF 2020Nov. 7, 2020, 2 p.m.
TokyoWesterns CTF 6th 2020Sept. 19, 2020, midnight

Participated in CTF events

Overall rating place: 493 with 47.533 pts in 2020

Country place: 21

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
374CSAW CTF Qualification Round 2020205.00002.903
81FwordCTF 20202877.00003.995
96Crypto CTF 2020108.00000.865
53Arab Security Cyber Wargames 2020 Qualifications 900.00003.235
53Arab Security Cyber Wargames900.00000.000
118PoseidonCTF 1st Edition300.00000.998
194UNICORN CTF 202050.00000.116
437csictf 20201508.00001.626
66TSG CTF 2020271.00001.691
266ASIS CTF Quals 202053.00000.955
3540CTF/TCTF 2020 Quals 12.00000.411
307redpwnCTF 20203272.00003.491
213UUTCTF 202075.00000.372
117Zh3r0 CTF2153.00002.316
244WeCTF 202010.00000.128
276NahamCon CTF1480.00004.935
246BatPwn - BSides Ahmedabad CTF 202010.00000.117
418Really Awesome CTF 20201550.00002.048
1432020 Defenit CTF298.00000.586
340RCTF 202043.00000.322
160DEF CON CTF Qualifier 2020200.00003.121
474De1CTF 202027.00000.108
369Houseplant CTF 20201823.00001.329
229PlaidCTF 2020151.00002.657
187Midnight Sun CTF 2020 Quals250.00002.441
111VolgaCTF 2020 Qualifier650.00005.360
103TAMUctf 20202901.00000.000
51b01lers CTF803.00003.205
205ångstromCTF 20201765.000010.596
44zer0pts CTF 20201836.00004.241
267Aero CTF 2020100.00000.419
104Pragyan CTF 2020250.00002.161
255NeverLAN CTF 20202045.00002.058
114nullcon HackIM 2020476.00002.716
85HackTM CTF Quals 2020989.00002.609
147Insomni'hack teaser 202072.00002.081

Overall rating place: 220 with 101.956 pts in 2019

Country place: 15

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
234X-MAS CTF 2019598.00000.811
147TUCTF 20195649.000011.535
134RuCTFE 20195.28000.561
475RITSEC CTF 2019221.00000.402
82ASIS CTF Finals 2019130.00003.177
195Pwn2Win CTF 201950.00000.744 CTF 2019175.00001.801
48SECCON 2019 Online CTF1806.000011.756
366HITCON CTF 2019 Quals50.00001.052
512Syskron Security CTF20.00000.102
288Balsn CTF 2019106.00000.418
154PwnThyBytes CTF 20191.00000.166
1113picoCTF 201910200.00000.000
234Teaser Dragon CTF 201968.00000.812
158InCTF 2019150.00000.912
222SEC-T CTF 201979.00000.400
232Newark Academy CTF 20193185.00008.843
466Real World CTF 2019 Quals34.00000.365
201CSAW CTF Qualification Round 2019501.00004.130
238DefCamp CTF Qualification 20192.00000.104
507N1CTF 201912.00000.090
123TokyoWesterns CTF 5th 2019324.00009.313
222Chaos Communication Camp 201981.00000.601
94HackCon 2019850.00002.637
237Crypto CTF 201920.00000.209
571De1CTF 201928.00000.103
365CyBRICS CTF Quals 201930.00000.270
259peaCTF 20191850.00000.000
29ENOWARS 3513.78161.499
281ISITDTU CTF 2019 Quals10.00000.099
256Google Capture The Flag 2019 (Quals)80.00002.032
143HSCTF 64828.00006.572
377Facebook CTF 2019101.00000.173
77Security Fest 2019645.00003.692
61Harekaze CTF 2019510.00004.370
209DEF CON CTF Qualifier 2019207.00003.502
58TSG CTF371.00001.533
92ångstromCTF 20191210.00005.367
578PlaidCTF 20191.00000.182
57WPICTF 2019831.00002.824
81VolgaCTF 2019 Qualifier800.00006.996
2190CTF/TCTF 2019 Quals10.00000.510
354UCSB iCTF 201951.250017.756
35Pragyan CTF 20192225.000014.648
49STEM CTF: Cyber Challenge 20191100.00009.172

Overall rating place: 4226 with 3.578 pts in 2018

Country place: 80

PlaceEventCTF pointsRating points
11735C3 CTF117.00003.578

Team members

Team writeups

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WPICTF 2019secureshell [200]read writeup
WPICTF 2019*stallman intensifies* [100]read writeup
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TJCTF 2019Silly Sledshop [80]read writeup
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VolgaCTF 2019 Qualifierwarm [100]read writeup
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Pragyan CTF 2019Mandatory PHP [125]read writeup
Pragyan CTF 2019Game of Faces [100]read writeup
Pragyan CTF 2019EXORcism [300]read writeup
Pragyan CTF 2019welcome [50]read writeup
Pragyan CTF 2019Magic PNGs [100]read writeup
Pragyan CTF 2019The Order of the Phoenix [100]read writeup
Pragyan CTF 2019Easy RSA [150]read writeup
Pragyan CTF 2019Add Them Sneaky Polynomials [100]read writeup
Pragyan CTF 2019Feed_me [150]read writeup
Pragyan CTF 2019Cookie Monster [100]read writeup
Pragyan CTF 2019Decode This [200]read writeup
Pragyan CTF 2019Help Rabin [150]read writeup